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BoyxBoy ReaderXIdol Semi Smut Cursing

Rated M

Deep emotion semi violence Comedy

Enter at your own pleasure (^...^)


its a story of IKon bobby and b.I but there a twist..YOUR INVOLVED!; you guys are high school student in your senior year. some part might have smut some won't I'll give you a warning.

MY PHOTO EDITING I will be having different cover photo. part 5 part 3 - part 1





Narrator POV Bobby locked lips with B.I.  The feeling of his warm gentle lips against his felt like nothing before. Bobby has kissed other people but for the first in his life he felt butterflies. B.I pushed Bobby away from him and wiped his lips with his sleeve. "What the fuck is your problem, Bobby?!" B.I Shouted angrily. Bobby lay on the ground looking at B.I with a worrisome face. He didn't mean to make him angry, but Bobby just couldn't resist. "I like you!" Bobby blurted out. Bobby quickly grabbed a hold of B.I’s collar pulling him in close and forcefully kissed him. B.I tried to push him away but Bobby wrap his leg behind his, causing B.I to trip and fall down on his back. Bobby grabbed B.I by the wrists and pinned them down above his head. He took the chance and climbed on top of him. "Bobby! Stop it! Let me go! BOBBY!" he shouted. B.I moved his head from side to side trying to avoid Bobby’s lips. Bobby grabbed a hold of his jaw and held him still. He leaned in close to B.I ear and whispered softly.  "I'm sorry. Please don’t hate me," Bobby voice shuttered. Bobby released his grip on B.I face and began slide his hand down B.I pants, while still holding his wrists with his other hand. B.I struggled around beneath Bobby trying to break free. Bobby pressed his thighs close together making it difficult for him to move. B.I jolted as he felt Bobby’s cold hands touch his member. "Uhh..s-stop it B-Bobby mm," B.I stuttered as he tried to hold back a moan. Bobby began to stroke B.I’s member slowly pulling back the skin and rubbing the tip with his thumb causing B.I’s body to tremble uncontrollably. "B-Bobby S-stop!" B.I grunted as he clinched his teeth. B.I’s breathing became heavier and more agitated as Bobby tightened his grip and picked up his pace moving his hand up and down and back and forth. Bobby could feel the heat being created as he continued to stroke B.I’s member. The way B.I bit back his moans through his bitten bottom lip made Bobby want him more. "Uh-ha Stop! Uh, B-Bobby p-please" B.I huffed as he pleaded with Bobby to stop. Tears began to fall down B.I’s cheeks as he begged him to stop.  Ignoring his cries Bobby continued rubbing and stroking his member. B.I let out a moan as he reached his climax. Bobby continued to rub the head of it, feeling B.I cum slowly seeping out and dripping.  "I fucking hate you...” B.I mumbled his voice nearly cracking. Bobby noticed the tears falling down B.I’s cheek. He couldn't believe what he had done. Bobby pulled away as he let go of B.I hands. B.I tried to stand up slowly. Bobby rushed to help him but B.I pushed him and walked away. Bobby called out his name and begging him to stop. B.I balled up his fist as he turned back around and approached Bobby.  He swung his fist, punching Bobby across the face causing him to fall to the ground. "Don't you ever touch me again! Do you hear me!?" B.I shouted coldly. He grabbed Bobby by the hood of his jacket and flipped him around and continued to punching him. This time B.I socked him harder leaving Bobby with a busted lip and his fist bright red. You could hear each hit thrown. Bobby grabbed a hold of his fist as he knocked him over and rolled on top of him. Bobby socked him once out of reflex, not to stop or plead with him.  B.I pushed him off and kicked him in the gut, causing Bobby to curl up and lose his breathe. B.I spit a bit of blood onto the ground and wiped his lips as he walked away from Bobby, leaving him curled up on ground. Bobby struggled to sit up as he tried to call out to him but gave up. He folded his knees and hugged them, burying his face in them crying. Bobby knew what he did was wrong and deserved every punch. But, he didn't intend for any of this to happen. In that moment, when he felt B.I’s touch, it was like something came over him and took control. He couldn't stop himself from touching B.I and the sounds he made didn't help either.   The way B.I’s chest moved as he began to breathe faster. The sound of every groan he made every time Bobby would stroke downwards. The way B.I bit his bottom lip.   Bobby rubbed his knees together. He got hard all over again just thinking about it. Bobby slid his hand down his pants and began to rub his member. He picked up his pace going faster and harder.  "B.I I'm so sorry" he cried.  Bobby felt disgusted with himself. He hated the fact that he just jerked off on some guy and he knows if anyone were to find out they'd hate him too.  They would call him hurtful names just like before when he was in the 5th grade.  "(Y/N) I'm so sorry. what do I do? I need your help" He cried out.  Bobby gasped for air gripping his chest as he cried. It was getting harder for him to breathe.  It kinda felt like someone was stepping on his chest, making difficult for him to breathe and no matter how much he tried to calm down and gasp for air it only made it worse. Every cry he let out would just hurt his throat like a knot was being tied up.
___(____)____   The sun began to set and Bobby finally calmed down. His eyes were puffy and swollen from all the crying but he decided to walk back to the camp before it got darker. He noticed Junhoe waiting outside of their cabin pacing back and forth, like a pissed off dad who has been waiting up all night for his 15 year daughter to get home from a party.  Jinhwan was next to him like a worried wife trying to calm him down.  "Bobby! Where the hell have you been?!" Junhoe called out, his voice was rough and hollow.  "Bobby we were worried sick for you. Where did you go?" said Jinhwan, with a sweet and soft gentle voice.  "I went for a walk, I wasn't feeling good." Bobby responded, looking down at the ground. Bobby tried to go inside the cabin before they could notice the marks on his face. But Junhoe grabbed him by his arm. "Let me see your face Bobby." He demanded.  Bobby tried pull away but Junhoe yanked him towards them causing Bobby to lose balance and fall to his knees. Jinhwan lend Bobby a hand and help him up. Jinhwan placed his soft warm hands on Bobby’s cheek. Bobby slowly lifted his head. Jinhwan and Junhoe eyes widened. They gasped in shock of how bad Bobby looked. "That motha-" Jinhwan smack Junhoe mouth gentle. "Lower your voice" Jinhwan said. "Look at how he left him I knew I felt something off about him during training!" Junhoe shouted angrily.  "Junhoe I said be quiet, you'll wake the staff." Jinhwan shouted quietly. "How do you expect me to be quiet when I'm pissed off Jinhwan? Huh?" Junhoe questioned. "By lowering your damn voice!" Jinhwan scolded Junhoe.  "Wait... what going on?" Bobby asked.  But nobody answered him.  "That selfish son of B***h, the next time I see him I swear I'm going to f**k him up." Junhoe balled up his fist.  "Oh yeah and then what? Huh? Get kick out? Fighting isn't going to solve anything Junhoe." Jinhwan stated.  "Then why did B.I have to hit Bobby. What gives him the right huh? How is Bobby going to explain this to his counselor?" Junhoe voice began to rise.  "That explains why he covered for Bobby during practice, he didn't want anyone to find out." Jinhwan mentioned. "You better tell GD or T.O.P Bobby. He has no right to touch you and hit you for no reason!" Junhoe barked. "No." Bobby said  "What? What did you say?" Junhoe paused. "I'm not gonna report him Junhoe." Bobby argued.  "What the fu*k, Bobby are you stupid?" Junhoe shoved Bobby pushing him back a bit. "But why not? Bobby." Jinhwan ask, pulling Junhoe away from Bobby.  "He didn't hit me for no reason okay. I did something to piss him off alright so just drop it." Bobby voice cracked as his eyes began to tear up. "What did you do or say to him to make him do something like this! Bob-" Junhoe shouted but Jinhwan cover his mouth. Jinhwan noticed Bobby’s facial expression changed and his eyes saddened. Bobby shrugged his shoulders and walked into the cabin, throwing himself onto the bed, burying his face into the pillow. Bobby tried to hold back his cry but the moment Jinhwan sat down beside him and patted his head, the tears slipped out and the knot in his throat was unbearable to hold down.  "It's okay to cry Bobby" Jinhwan whispered. Bobby let out an awful cry. The kind of cry that makes your chest feel tight, your head pound, and your voice crack, you feel a knot stuck in the middle of your throat and no matter how hard you try to cry the knot and chest pain just don't seem to go away.  "W-Why D-Did I-I D-D-Do som-m-meth-ing So S-s-tu-pi-d" Bobby hiccup. "We all make mistakes." Jinhwan comforted him.  "Why does it hurt so badly?" Bobby let out another hard cry. "Because you’re human Bobby and we're meant to feel and get hurt while doing so, it’s a part of life." Jinhwan explained raking his fingers through Bobby’s hair, attempting to soothe him. Junhoe gave Jinhwan a confused look; he wasn't sure why Bobby was crying so hysterically. Jinhwan shrugged his shoulders signaling him to hush. A couple of hours passed and Bobby had cried himself to sleep. Junhoe walked Jinhwan to his cabin. Along the way Junhoe asked him what he told Bobby to make him cry like that. "I told him that it’s okay to cry."  "So that why he cried so hard? “Junhoe was still a bit confused. “That’s stupid." "Now you know that Bobby likes B.I right?” Jinhwan questioned Junhoe. "What makes you say that?" Junhoe questioned.  "It’s obvious. The way they've been lately. They’re inseparable." says Jinhwan. "So, that doesn't mean he likes him, it could just mean they are getting really close." Junhoe suggested. "No, more than just friends, don't you see the way they smile at each other without even noticing." Jinhwan added, "They could both just be thinking the same perverted thought. You never know Jinhwan." Junhoe explained. "Haven't you seen the way they glance at each other and how lovingly Bobby eyes smile whenever B.I laughs at his jokes" Jinhwan mentioned excitedly.  "You’re so cute.” Junhoe said petting Jinhwan on the head as he chuckled.   Jinhwan pouts and blushes and they began to move closer to each other as they held hands. Jinhwan looked up at Junhoe, who was trying extremely hard to keep his cool but his face started to turn red when he felt Jinhwan peck a kiss on his cheek. Jinhwan blushed shyly as they swung their hands together. 
___(______)___ The next few days Bobby tried to avoid B.I as much as possible. He didn't want to face him yet. Bobby was scared as to what he might do or say. He was didn't even want to look in B.I’s direction. He didn't want make eye contact what so ever and during lunch Bobby made sure to finish eating first and leave for class first. During 1st Period he avoided him by pretending to be sick and running off.  It had been going well up "Okay guys get your partner, we'll be doing the trust excise today," CL instructed.  "Aww crap.." Bobby mumbled under his breath.  He slowly turned to get a glance at B.I who was giving him the death stare. He then turned to look at Junhoe who was glaring at B.I. Then Bobby looked at Jinhwan who smiled at him. Bobby called him over by waving his hand. Jinhwan look confused. Just as Bobby was about to make his way towards him, B.I grabbed him by his arm. Bobby flinched.  "Oh My!" Bobby smiled awkwardly.  "Where are you going? Partner." B.I said cunningly. B.I looked at Bobby from head to toe than smiled. Bobby smiled back in fear as he turned away from B.I, He could feel his eyes staring him down. The class had finally ended and Bobby and B.I stayed behind to clean.  "Ow my back." Bobby whined to himself.  Suddenly he arms wrapped around him from behind. Bobby looked up and saw B.I’s refection in the mirror. Bobby took a big gulp then cleared his throat.  "Um..what are you-"  B.I cut him off by pushing him up against the mirror, spinning him around, pinning Bobby against the mirror pressing his body up against his. B.I licked his lips as he brushed them over Bobby’s neck causing shivers down his body. "From now you keep this between me and you. You do as I say and come when I call you. Got it?" B.I whispered into Bobby’s ear. Bobby nodded his head yes. B.I pulled away just in time before T.O.P entered the classroom to check on them.  "Yo." He greeted them than exited the room.  They both laughed as they continued to clean.  Summer finally had come to end.  Bobby and B.I seemed to become more than 'Just friends’. They got away with sneaking around and going down to the lake at night without getting caught. They enjoyed the excitement of almost getting caught, but it was the last day of the YG training camp and tomorrow they'd be going home. So tonight they decided to spend the night out by the lake until sunrise and also to celebrate the fact that their group won the award.  "Woo-hoo! I can't believe we did it!" Bobby shouted happily.  "Me neither I can't believe we won" B.I shouted along. As they held hands and ran down the hill towards the lake. The sky was a purple red shade as the sun began to set. Bobby took off his shirt and started to unbuttoned his pants in a teasing way. B.I chuckled as he pulled him down towards him. Bobby smirked as he straddled B.I and began to kiss him passionately. Tilting his head to the side a bit, Bobby broke away from the kiss to pull B.I to his feet, taking off his shirt.  "What are you doing?" B.I smirked. "It's called skinning dipping come on." Bobby chuckled Bobby removed his pants and boxers to jump in the cold lake. B.I watched for a second then removed his clothing to join him. Bobby swam close to B.I and pulled him in closer as he began to kiss him. B.I took a sharp deep breath as Bobby began to kiss his neck.  "S-Stop it" B.I splashed water at Bobby face.  "You killed the mood," Bobby pouted as they continued to splash water at each other.   Bobby and B.I laid beneath the night sky filled with shining stars and a beautiful full bloom moon. They talked about funny moments in their childhood and sad ones too. B.I told him about his father and what happened to him but he didn't mention (Y/N). They talked almost all night long until finally Bobby fell asleep in B.I’s arms. B.I looked up at the sky and for the first time in his life he felt happy and safe. He wished this night would never end and for just a moment time would stop.  "I love you." B.I whispered into the dark night sky. 
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