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●○•Time For Seunghyun•○●
I think it's time we check up what Seunghyun is up to these days...
He looks just fine to me..
Grasping lots of GD attention as usual. ....
but still is gotta be hard being a maknae...
Oh did you think I was talking about this Seunghyun (^__^)

Nope this card is about our beloved Seungri♡♡

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I m not sure if this is "Feels War"card... as u didn't indicate "FW"....but as Sneaky as you r... I take this is War!!!!😜😜😜😜
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@lovetop this actually instead a [FW] card....but the battle is just beginning (^__^) See you on the "field" JTOP~~
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