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So excited they finally went through and finished this's D made the last episodes making it a 13 episode total!! I had been waiting since episode 10, seems like forever ago so I had to rewatch the first 10 episodes to get myself back in gear!! It's rated 7.46 on IMAL I rated it an 8 but personally is give it an 8.05for sure!! Mild spoiler mostly just an overview tho NAKAMA!! I wouldn't ruin an anime I want you to watch for ya 😇 It's a sweet anime about the creatures, first created or thought to be and now they are created by being brown from the ground. As if gods way of weeding out the humans! Though us humans don't give up easily so in order to fight aragami the using God arcs and becoming God eaters themselves by using the power of the aragami order to create weapons that adapt to each human specifically to fight back. The battle seems hopeless, but then a baby boy is discovered during the chaos and gores up to help be the Hope of mankind. The creatures are fairly similar although there are the so called Super beasts and beyond that an almost immortal seeming monster. I won't give away too much for all those who haven't seen it but def worth the 13 episode binge!! So add it to your list and give it a good binge, well worth it as it isn't completely on its own in styles of anime but it is unizuebij many ways. There is the drama but it's a lot of full out battle scenes against the beast which is awesome!! Anime is life!!