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Tagged by @danidee ^-^ Well.......I have a confession to make..... I've cheated...a LOT I've cheated on a couple Japanese tests... I've cheated at a video game... I..may have even kinda cheated on my ex bf /.\ I'm a dirty cheater, I'll admit And I... I...
I DONT EVEN FEEL GUILTY!!!✨ Honestly, breaking the rules every once in a while is really nice But I like to break the rules allll the time That's why I always tell my friends who try to hook me up with someone: "I need a bad boy guys, one that can break the rules with me~" Idk the adrenaline rush of breaking the rules, or even running from Johnny Law, it's just so much fun!!
I may not be proud of myself for kissing on a guy whike I was dating someone else, but honestly my ex wasn't even a good bf, he never paid any attention to me, he just acted like I didn't exist... So whatever, #NOREGRETS Thanks for tuning in~ バイバイヾ(´・ω・`)
wats the name of that first anime clip.
DANNNNNNNNNNNNG GIRL. At least you know what you like!