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Phone Show & Tell Challenge
Ok, I had to pick more than one. Some of them are from posts I've seen on here. The first one is a present from my mom's boss to her. Cause she's obsessed with Elvis. She won't even put it in the front yard because she's afraid someone will steal it and my sis and I were like "Who the hell would want to steal that creepy looking thing??" lol
I don't have a tag list so join the challenge and show us the funniest pics on your phone! @danidee
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@danidee With all the wind we've been having he'd probably fly into someone else's yard lol
a year ago·Reply
Yikes, does it really get that windy by you?
a year ago·Reply
@danidee Yep. It can be hard to stand sometimes. Me and my friend were talking about how it feels like your tires are going to fall off while driving and how people from our of state would probably freak out (highways on windy days are kinda scary)
a year ago·Reply
@iixel Omg, I've been on the highway during a really windy day and felt that. But my area isn't really known for super high winds, so I can't imagine how it'd be with ACTUAL super high winds.
a year ago·Reply
@danidee It gets annoying once you get used to it lol
a year ago·Reply