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@Regrann from @fromjakarta2glen - So today is Anti Bullying day. Growing up as a gay man I always stand tall and very proud on who I am, why wouldn't you? We have so many successful gay mentors that tell us it "gets better" cancel all the negative noise that ignorant people say when they call you faggots and shove you in the trash cans. As gay activist tell other gays to stand up and be proud for being different they are over looking ONE THING. We only talk about the 1st battle! What many ppl never told me is that once I over come the bullying from outside the community I still have to deal with the bullying WITH IN the community. I think it hurts more when your fellow gays are bullying you for being different. I have been called many names from fellow gays just because I'm different, just because I do drag, b/c I'm weird, b/c I chose my career in fashion & makeup. Many gay men block me from social media even b4 I got a chance to say more than a friendly hello. I had guys literally walk over me in a (not so crowded) club, pretending I don't exist in front of them, or worst that I'm not worth the few steps they could of took to not shove me away. I had guys stop talking to be after they discover that my career path is in fashion and beauty because that's not "masculine" enough or that it's a women's world. Heck I had gays decriminate againts me just for being Asian. So here is to all the fellow weird, odd ball, drag queens, transsexuals, or any other labels that gay bullies ever called you! STAND UP for yourselves, make yourselves notice, take a stand to other gays that bullied you. Don't preach about acceptance for being different when you, yourself, is the one that bullies other gays in your own community for being different or "fem" because who ever you are bullying is NEVER ok. What do you guys think? Am I the only one that feels this way? #Gay #GayRights #Homo #Homosexual #GayPolitics #GayRights #EqualRights #Peace #Homophobia #HomophobiaWithinTheCommunity #Bullying #AntiBullying #AntiBuyyingMovement #Acceptances #ItGetsBetter #AntiRacist - https://www.instagram.com/p/uPkoVCvlaQ/ Regrann App - Repost without leaving Instagram - Download Here : http://regrann.com/download
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Yeah it really sucks, the community has a lot of biases and flaws that it feels like we should have been able to escape :( the LGBT community isn't free of racism or sexism or binarism. I still have hope though, it just means there's work to be done