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Hiya Vinglers I just wanted to take the time to say hi to any new members and even current members that I haven't got a chance to talk to!! I'm so happy that you have found this app and website and joined us to talk about our favorite memes, animes, mangas, and much much more! If you ever have a question or someone to talk to feel free to message me and the rest of the mod team (@InVinsybll @hikaymm @TylerDurso @Danse @VoidX) we would love to be of any assistance or just a buddy to talk to! Also feel free to tag me in any cards you would like my opinion on or just for me to comment on! I love challenges and tags! Anyways I'm so happy to see all these publishers in the community and also more viewers! Keep it up! 馃憡馃槃
@alliepetey Go for it! Everyone's nice around here :)
Hi!!! I've been here for a few months! I read other people's cards and clip them but I am nervous to make my own. 馃槀
Aww, hello everybody!!
Hellllloooo everyone~ <3
Wow Im The Same Way. When I Found Out Someone Watches Anime I Automatically Want To Be Their Friend. Loll
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