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Liar Liar~ Chapter 13

Genre: Mafia AU
Pairing: I don’t even know anymore
Others Characters in Chapter: Jungkook, Yoongi
Length: 2581 words
Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy
Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be
Part: 13/?
Y/n’s POV
I was pretty sure none of them had chased us, but Yoongi didn’t stop until we reached the trees.
When he slowed down to a walk, I wrenched my arm away from his grip to wipe my eyes.
“You were right”, I said shakily, tears refusing to cease. “About what?”, Yoongi replied, quietly. I couldn’t tell if he was speaking like that because he was upset, or because he didn’t want them to hear us.
He must be upset. He’s lost three close people in one day. And the same man had killed all three of them.
“You should have killed me when you had the fucking chance!”, I cried.
He was a few steps ahead, but he turned and walked back up to me. He cupped my face with his hands. “Don’t.”
I ignored him. The mental, emotional, physical pain was getting too much. I wanted an end to it.
“T-tell me he’s going to be ok”,I sobbed, looking at his eyes, which were dark, but expressionless. “Tell me they w-were tranquilliser darts, not bullets. Tell me h-he was wearing a b-bulletproof vest. TELL ME SOMETHING GODAMNIT!”
He used one of his hands to clamp my mouth shut. “Y/n, I don’t fucking know.” He took his hands away, and started taking off his jacket, proceeding to drape it around me. I didn’t realise I had been shaking that much.
“He was hit in the back. I’m thinking- no, I’m hoping, he might pull through. He’s been shot before, so I know he can handle a bullet. I just don’t know where it hit him. Now he might be just out cold, or he might be…”, he faltered. “I just don’t know. And I doubt they’re gonna leave his body there.”
Yoongi peered through the trees, back the way we came. He couldn’t see anything of course. “Bastards”, he growled. “He was going to kill you in cold blood y/n.”
“I deserve it”, I muttered. Yoongi ignored my response. He took his phone out. “Battery’s on 19%…”. I frowned through my tears. What the hell does he need his phone for?
“I have an idea, but you dropped Jungkook’s phone back there.” Well, obviously, I wasn’t gonna keep it, was I?
I still wasn’t understanding. “Why do you need his phone?”
“Minah. That whore he killed. Her father is the most powerful figurehead in the gang world. If he got news that Jin’s lot were involved in the death of his daughter, he would end them all.”
My eyes were wide with surprise. “And you need Jungkook’s phone to get his number?”
Yoongi nodded, his mouth forming a tight line. “But, that’s impossible.”
“Shh”, I hushed him, putting a finger to his lips. “Can you hear them?” They were shouting in the distance.
“Listen Yoongi. We need to see if we can hear all of their voices, so we know no one’s sat in the van.” Sure enough, I could make out Taehyung’s distinctive gruff voice. I recognised Jungkook’s straight away. Jin and Hoseok took a bit longer to decipher, but I heard them too.
Yoongi understood what I meant straight away. “Jesus Christ, that’s fucking suicide. We’re not going back there until it’s clear.”
“Listen to me”, I ordered, causing his eyes to narrow dangerously. I mean, he was a leader, clearly he wasn’t used to being bossed around himself.
“The only other person with that number is Minah. And she’s lying dead in your base. Which is too far to get to on foot. Now I don’t care if it’s fucking risky. Going against Jungkook was risky, and I did it.” I paused, as the shouting in the distance intensified. I thought of Jimin lying there, and my anger started to replace my sadness.
“I’m ready to take them down, or die trying.” Yoongi reached for my hand and squeezed it. “I can’t believe you’re in this mess.”
Neither could I.
But I knew he had nothing to lose. And neither did I any more. So with a swift nod of the head, I started to walk back towards the men that were out to kill me, hand in hand with my captor-turned-friend. At least, I think we’re friends.
“Walk that way”, I said pointing to our left. “If we walk back the exact way we just came, they’ll see us if they come looking.”
Nothing was clear or straightforward in this world of murder, revenge and anger. But I could do the maths- Jungkook wanted to kill me. Yoongi didn’t.
That kinda put him above Jungkook on the Christmas list. My hand tightened on Yoongi’s as we left the safety of the trees.
Boy, I sure wish I had a gun, right now.
Jungkook’s POV
He had done it again. He had let his anger get the better of him. All he could see was read when she saw y/n with those two men. Trusting them, instead of Jungkook. Jungkook had vowed to protect her. Y/n could now see the monster he really was for herself.
When Jungkook fired, the rest of the men clambered out of the van, which had been hidden in plain sight. He could make out Jimin’s body in the dark, lying there. He remembered y/n’s face- one of pure agony when he shot Jimin.
“You shot him?”, Jin asked in disbelief. “He got in the way”, Jungkook answered bluntly.
I was about to shoot her. To kill her. My girl. My y/n.
That was all he could think while Jin ordered Hoseok and Taehyung to grab their gloves and throe Jimin into a nearby ditch.
“We don’t have time to deal with him properly. And hurry, we need to find the other two. They can’t be far.”
Jungkook watched with no emotion as they lifted Jimin. Jin spotted Jungkook’s phone on the floor, where y/n had dropped it. He picked it up and tossd it in Jungkook’s direction. He didn’t react, and it hit him in the chest.
He swallowed and slowly bent down to pick it up. Still crouching, he unlocked it. There was an unread message, and Jungkook knew it would be the one Taehyung had sent his phone earlier. Sure enough:
From Taehyung: Can’t stop van right now, We’ll deal with him later. The other two behaving?
She probably hadn’t noticed the text, Jungkook thought to himself. Just as well- y/n probably would have seen through the lie anyway.
Jin interrupted his thoughts. “What the hell are you doing? Stand up and help me look for them.” Jungkook looked around, noticing the Hope and Tae had already disappeared with Jimin.
Jungkook nodded glancing down at the phone one last time- the lockscreen making his head hurt. Y/n was there, beaming up at him. He pocketed the phone and pointed vaguely in a direction. “They ran that way.” Jin nodded. “C’mon then. Let’s get those fuckers. One down. Two to go.”
Jungkook gritted his teeth, but obeyed. He felt disgusted at himself. He had y/n over Minah, yet he almost killed her in his rage.
When they were almost at the trees, they heard an unwelcome noise. It was an engine. They froze. “Did you tell hope to get behind the wheel after dealing with Jimin?” Jungkook asked, already dreading Jin’s response.
“No. I fucking didn’t”, Jin growled. “Motherfuckers.” He was on the phone to the guys in a flash. Jungkook sighed. Stop running y/n. Just give up.
Taehyung’s POV
“Here. Here’s fine”, Taehyung panted. The man they were carrying was shorter than he was, but he was heavy. Or Taehyung was just weak- but he’s never admit to that. Hope nodded. “Yeah, this seems deep enough. Some poor sods’ll find him on their morning walk tomorrow.”
Both men swung his body and let go simultaneously- he landed with a thump, somewhere in the dark abyss, no longer in their line of sight. No longer their problem.
Namjoon and Jimin in the same day? Well played Jungkookie.
Suddenly, both Hoseok and Taehyung, who were trying to catch their breaths before they walked back to help with the search, froze.
“Do you hear that?”, Taehyung whispered. “I hear it”, Hoseok confirmed. He winced slightly, probably from the pain in his hand, before adding “Did boss say he was gonna drive around to look for them?”
Taehyung was shaking his head before Hoseok had finished his sentence. “No. I’m pretty sure he said him and Jungkook would be on foot.”
“Shit”, both men excalimed at the same time. Just before they started runnning in the direction of the noise, Jin rang. “Speak of the devil”, Taehyung muttered.
He put him on speaker phone. Jin wasted no time. “Tell me that’s you in the van”, he said, the warning tone evident in his voice. “No boss. We just got rid of Jimin. We though it was you.” Taehyung winced, as what followed was a string of obscenities from his livid boss.
Sure, they weren’t directed at him, but an angry boss meant a dangerous boss. Jin ended with “Go and find me a fucking car. Steal one, I don’t give a shit. We can’t let them get away.”
Taehyung looked at Hoseok, mild panic in his eyes. The road back there was empty! How the hell do we find a car?
“Boss”, Hoseok spoke gently, trying to make Jin think straight.”Even if you do get a car, we don’t know where they’re going.”
This time it wasn’t Jin who replied- it was Jungkook. “Don’t worry about where they’re going. Leave that to me.”
Yoongi’s POV
All Yoongi could do was focus on y/n. If he let his mind wander, he would go mad. It was bad enou losing Joon, but Jimin… He couldn’t think about Jimin. Sure, he never had more disagreements with anyone than he had with Jimin, but they were brothers. He never did show it though. He regrtted that now.
Stop it Yoongi. He might pull through. He wasn’t just humouring y/n when he told her those things- Jimin had survived a bullet before. He remembered. There they were, ambushed. Alone, helpless and afraid. Him, Jimin, Namjoon and two other men, which were Jin and Namjoon’s brothers.
There was Jin, holding a gun. In a rage, he blindly shot at them, killing Jin and Namjoon’s brothers almsot instantly. Namjoon had lunged forward to grab Jin, and probably beat him senseless before shooting him. But Namjoon didn’t have a gun- and Jin did. Jimin had stepped forward to stop Namjoon from getting shot too, and Jin had shot on impulse, hitting Jimin.
Yoongi remembered it like it was yesterday. Jimin dropping slowly, whilst Jin realised what he had done to his brother and started running. Yoongi didn’t stop him- he had to help his brother. And Jimin had pulled through then.
The exact same thing had happened today. Jimin had taken the bullet for someone he cared about. Yoongi glanced at y/n, who was walking along cautiously beside him. She had dried tears streaked on her face.
She still thinks she’s responsible. His hand squeezed hers gently, and she acknowledged the gesture by turning to him and giving him a small smile. But it didn’t quite reach her eyes.He carried on walking, getting lost in his thoughts once again.
No matter what those bastards call Jimin- “womaniser”, “rapist”, all that crap, Yoongi knew better than anyone, that he was loyal. To the point where he would die for his family. That’s what Yoongi and Namjoon were to him. Family.
They had now neared the area where the van was parked, still warily staying out of sight. Yoongi was surprised, and scornful of the fact that these men weren’t carrying torches- on a night like this, you could walk right past them and they’d be none the wiser.
“Yoongi”, y/n whispered. He bent down slightly to hear here. She was barely audible. She grabbed his arm with her other hand for support. “Jimin’s been moved. He’s not there.”
Yoongi looked around, and sure enough, he was nowhere to be seen. And neither were Jin’s lot. He picked up the pace. “Looks like they’ve gone to look for us y/n- no one’s here as far as I can see. And if we can’t see them, chances are they can’t see us…” He looked around once more. “Let’s go!”, he whispered. “Now’s our chance!”
He crept up to the driver’s side, and quietly opened the door. It’s unlocked? They really are idiots, aren’t they? He motioned for y/n to get into the passenger’s side.
When he got in the van, he couldn’t help but smile. The key was still in the ignition. Everything had worked. He was glad he’d listened to y/n now.
“Yes!” y/n squealed excitedly. It was unexpected in her moment of sorrow, so it made Yoongi laugh. Too cute. “High five!” She held her hand up, and Yoongi turned the key and returned the gesture, smiling.
The van started moving, and Yoongi did a U-turn to try and find that road. Y/n did her seatbelt, causing Yoongi to roll his eyes, and looked around the front of the van. Yoongi watched as her dull, lacklustre eyes suddenly came to life. What has she just seen?
“What is it?” He asked, alternating his attention between where he was driving and y/n.”
She lifted something up from behind their seats, her tired face breaking out into a grin. “Look Yoongi!”
He stole a quick glance, but didn’t know what it was. She screamed the next word, making him jump. “FOOD!” He laughed at her delight.
As they started driving back to base, Yoongi couldn’t help but feel lucky, despite everything that had happened, that he had met y/n.
Jimin’s POV *2 hours later*
He was falling deeper. Drowning. The pain had consumed him. He wasn’t moving- but he was certainly breathing, thinking, feeling.
And he could feel the damn bullets wedged in his back- one in the middle, one lower down. Thank fuck they missed my spine.
He could feel the cool dirt in which he lay. He could hear an owl nearby. So it’s still night time, he thought.
Time passed. Jimin stayed still, unable to move. Drifting in and out of unconsciousness. Drowning, resurfacing.
He saw someone else in the water. Tall, pink hair. Namjoon? NAMJOON! Jimin started thrashing in the water to go and help his friend, his partner. But Namjoon was too far down, and Jimin couldn’t hold his breath any longer.
A face came to mind. Blurry at first. “Jimin!” It screamed. Slowly it was coming into focus. “Y/n!” Jimin screamed back in his head.
His lips were the first thing to move as he lay there. “Y/n”, he whispered, his eyes slowly fluttering open, only to be welcomed by more darkness.
He had done it again. He had gone to that dark place, and come back out, alive. I’m alive.
He struggled to get up. I’m gonna have to call Yoongi to come get me, once I can move.
Jimin froze. Yoongi. Y/n. Did they make it?Please God, please tell me they made it. Jimin couldn’t stand the thought of Jin and his men shooting the two of them.
For now, all Jimin could do was lie there until he could move with minimal struggle. But he wasn’t worried. He was alive.
He was a survivor.
I'll tag you all in future chapters!^^
Welcome and just thank u again *runs around* BEST START TO THE DAY
@mrsjeon hahaha thank you so much!! this made me laugh lmao! i feel bad, making everyone so sad in the last chapter- it had to be sorted in this one!^^
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