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We have two fandoms clashing here on Vingle we have the Winchesters VS The Mighty People Of Camelot! These two fandoms do not meet as offen as they should but @AcaciaNguyen would like to change that by having a Merlin Community! ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ The Winchester Voted: Dean to step in. The Mighty People Of Camelot Voted: Merlin to step in. This is a contest of meme snap backs from two powerhouses in their respected fandoms. But, we are the ones who gives them the vote to win the King of Snark. (sorry about the Gif. This is my first time giving it a shot lol. I know the timing is off but I started to get annoyed. I'm really trying to make my own gif. files, even the randoms below)
Two men who are Champions and surround themselves with fellow champs. Merlin has Arthur on his side not to Dean's surprise of course.
Merlin might, think Dean is alone but he will never be. Sam will always be in his corner as support.. Eventhough to Merlin's surprise, Sam decided to mock Merlin by breaking out Merlin's trademark scarf to show that the Winchester boys mean business and he has Dean's back. Let their "who wore it better challange" begin. .... Sam, you are to petty labell XD I love it!
Merlin starts out with the simple "I got this" line, to let his fandom know he can take down Dean Winchester easy to with the King Of Snark. Merlin is very confident in his win. No worries in Camelot.
Oh Snap, Dean breaks out profanity early in the match and he also brings on his angry with him. The Supernatural Fandom, has a removing demon in their hands. Let's how Dean does not go rogue and keeps that heat for Supernatural.
Snapping it.. Merlin calls Dean and the entire Supernatural Fandom, mad aka crazy. That was a serious shot Merlin pulled out. He gave Dean the one two. But made sure that Dean's fandom backing got the back hand number three. Can, Dean recover from this and also save his fandom?
Dean took a hit off that. He absolutely hates when people call out his fandom. So with eager words, he promises to kick everyone's ass that has something not so nice to say about the Supernatural fandom. He knows with out Sam and his fandom, he is crap out of luck!
Oh wow! Merlin totally ignored the threat that Dean put out. The fandom of Camelot is getting stronger. Merlin is showing us that he will protect his fandom just like @acacianguyen would!
Merlin has officially stepped on Dean's nerve and he had to let off a shot to remind everyone, that he is no joke when it comes to fighting and fandom.
Ooh what a snap, not even his fandom crew can believe that he pulled that out. A total surprise from Merlin.
Ha! Dean you never surprise me or the fandom. You never let us down when it comes to the fact that you are the most likely to get laid and you got yourself an angel in bed... Who does that XD (well in the back of your car lol)
This is a tough one guys! You make the call! Don't forget to follow supernatural Community games here! And Supernatural Sickness collection here! ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ If you like Merlin as a fandom, please send a message to @acacianguyen to help her get the Merlin Fandom started!
Ah omg I love this!!!! I'll vote for the wizard to send good vibes to the potential Merlin community lol
I'm bias about Dean as well! @LAVONYORK 😎😎😎
Btw, I think that cat gif is purrfect to sum this up lol
@AcaciaNguyen I'm trying to get the word out there lol
Lol dude that was hilarious!!!
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