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Jimin practically oozes sex-appeal.
A good place to start in appreciating sexy Jimin is body rolls. He is seriously the King of body rolls. I am obsessed with the first one especially!
Jimin's dancing is always sexy! We will not explore his dancing too much right now since there will be plenty of that later, but I think MAMA needs to be included; It is literally the definition of sexy. My first time seeing this performance was practically a religious experience.
Prior to Jimin's taking over of my life, I never really thought of tongues. I had never once saw a tongue and thought to myself, "That is pretty hot."
Well at this point in my life, Jimin has taken over, and because of this, I am really attracted to his tongue, and I promise that you can also expect more of that in the future.
His eyes: they are exactly how he gets you into his trap. He can control his eyes as well as he can control his body. He knows exactly what he is doing to us with his eyes...he knows...
Oh the hip thrusts...glorious, glorious hip thrusts...
And the body. His body is so sexy.
The abs, the arms, the booty, the thighs: they all definitely contribute to his sex appeal.
If you have not yet watched this video, drop your life and watch it.
I wish I could find out how many times I have watched this video, because I have watched it so many times.
There was a period of time where I literally watched this every day.
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jimin. ruining my bias list since forever
Tag me please
I swear this guy is ruining my life!!! He's!!!!😡
This frickin bias wrecker makes me cry sometimes because of all the perfection and just😭 I just can't
@CristinReynolds Thanks girl! πŸ˜™
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