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Hello everyone! I hope you all have a very good easter this year, but don't forget to listen to some k-pop today! Here are some songs to for sure get you in the mood for a hopeful day! This will be Part 1 of the playlist! ((Starting to tag people in cards If you want to be tagged in my cards please let me know as soon as you can thank you!))

Run - BTS

Dope - BTS

Funboys - BTS

Converse High - BTS

Coffee - BTS

Ma City - BTS

Second Grade - BTS

Rain - BTS

Crow Tit - BTS

War of Hormone - BTS

I Need U - BTS

Just One Day - BTS

Just Right - GOT7

A - GOT7

Fly - GOT7

Call Me Baby - EXO

Wolf - EXO

Overdose - EXO

Love Me Right - EXO

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Just AWESOME! !!!!!!!
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@ChelseaGarcia glad you enjoyed!
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