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~Lucy~ "Oh nooooo! Oh no oh no oh no! Natsu!" I called as I stumbled around the house. "I can't find it! I can't find my keys! Erza wants us to meet her at the station soon, but I just can't...." I trailed off lifting up every piece of furniture. Natsu and I have been dating for a while now. Since we've been dating for so long we've been living together, and honestly that's been hell. I can never find anything, because Natsu doesn't pick up after himself, but he does help me with my rent. So I can't complain much. Besides, I could feel my cheeks heat up as I remember the extra time I've gotten to spend with Natsu. I wouldn't trade that for every item I own in my house. But I still need my keys! "Nat-" "Lucy." I heard him call my name. His voice soft and alluring. "You're looking for something?" I nodded my eyes widened as I stared back at him completely frozen. I don't know why, but something about him was different. He wasn't loud like he usually was in the mornings. What's going on with him? "Yes, my keys I-" He held is hand out to me. Fist clothes, and then the other. "Pick a hand." He said. "What?" He nodded trying to reassure me." Pick a hand." I eyed his hands suspiciously. Pick a hand? Why are we playing a game right now? Erza is going to kill us if we're late. I guess I should just pick one then. Arguing this would just waist time. Natsu is right handed so.....I tapped his right hand with my finger. "That one." He opened it and there was a ring. Connected with bracelet that had a small key charm attached to it. It was red. "Lucy Heartfilia."he kneeled down, putting his other hand behind his back and still holding the ring/bracelet out to me. "I love you. I know I've said it before, but I mean it. I love you, and you've already given me the key to your heart so let me give you the key to mine. Will you keep it forever?" His voice was soft. I saw the faint tent of red in his cheeks. He was nervous. Was he.... My eyes widened and I had completely calmed down from my anxiousness about being late. He was....but why, and what did today mean to him. What did it mean to me? I nodded my head slowly, and I could feel my lips smiling. I was happy, and I felt my knees fall to the ground as I grabbed him, holding onto him for dear life. "Yes." I softly whispered. "Yes I will. I'll marry you, Natsu Dragneel." He held his hand on top of my head. "You mean it?" The tears were welding up in my eyes as I heard the slight crack in his voice. "Of course!" He hugged me tighter and then pulled his face away to look at me. "Lucy..." He breathed, his breath gently falling on my lips, as he stared into my eyes, and I could see them slightly soften. That's when I felt a strong breeze and Natsu held onto me tighter as the wind whisked through my hair." I have been waiting for 85 minutes! What the hell are you two-" "Erza." I smiled, holding out the key to her." We're getting married!" Erza's face was in complete an utter shock, but we both knew once she crossed her arms and looked up at us to smile confidently we knew she had accepted us. "I'm so happy for you guys, but Natsu....could you have picked a more inconvenient time to do this? Did you forget we had a job to do?" Natsu shook his head." No, what about it?" "We're late! We missed our train!" She yelled. Gray crashed through the door! "Natsu!" He yelled getting his ice maker magic ready, and Lucy and Erza both stood in front of him. "Move!" He said angrily, and Erza glared at him raising her eyebrow, and gray backed down a bit." Please..." "Whatever he did, you guys can deal with it OUTside!" Erza said responsible not wanting them to destroy My apartment. "Shouldn't we try to catch the next train for our job?" I asked. Everyone was looking at me. Like I'm an alien. "What? What's going on with you guys?" They were usually all for going to fight something. Why would they stop now. "Gray and I are going on the mission. You and Natsu need to talk to Master." Erza said taking hold of Gray who had somehow stripped without anyone seeing him. "Aye!" Happy said popping out of the couch, and fluttering over to Natsu. "Did you get it?" He asked and happy nodded pulling out a video recorder. "Yes! Great!" "Wait a minute! You recorded this?" I yelled trying to grab the tape recorder, as happy flew around the room laughing at me. This damn cat! "It's a surprise." Natsu said grabbing the hand I was reaching for happy with, and leading me off." But we have to go talk to master now."
@xDaisyDaysx Thankyou! But it's not done yet!
Such a nice story!!!
@Alletaire I feel like you're the only one that read it and everyone is just liking it because it's nalu >~<
@KiraHitomi that's good!
@Alletaire I will I start taking classes for it next semester
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