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As much as I love Block B's crazy fun themes and upbeat music I'm very pleased with this song. Last we heard from them as a group they gave us the nightly colored, extremely goofy video for 'HER'. 'A Few Years Later' is about a girl that he used to love and now even a few years later he's still not over her. It only makes sense that their music is transforming like this. The youngest two are 23 and one of them is the Leader and one of the producers. As I have seen with Zico's solo work he went from tough but quirky with 'Tough Cookie' to confident and romantic with 'Vidi Vini Vici' and 'I Am You and You Are Me'. Listening to his old mix tapes Zico on the Block and Zico on the Block 1.5 you can hear he already had these kind of songs in his repertoire. 'Never' and 'Treat You Better' are some very serious songs for how old he was when they came out. I hope you all enjoy this song as much as I did. Tell me what you think.
leave it to blockb for giving me feels 😢
i love this song as well