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Happy Easter to my Christian Nakama!

Today is the day Jesus rose from the dead and I thought we'd celebrate it with a special tournament announcement! I hope this doesn't offend anyone as this is just for fun. This is a tournament that will take place within 7 days crowning a champion next super Sunday! It features 8 contestants who rose from the dead or the near dead or are pretty much dead. To make things simple; this week on Super Sunday is a basic intro of the 8 contestants!

Let's get started here are your 8 contestants!


The once evil Namakian, he now helps protect the earth as an ally to Son Goku.


A powerful swordsman know simply as the Black Swordsman and the Hundred Man Slayer!

Kishen Asura!

The essence of pure evil, a being who can make you go insane just by staying close.

Kaneki Ken!

A ghoul who was tortured and now out for revenge is more powerful than ever!

Ichigo Kurosaki!

Substitute Soul Reaper: a man who fights for his friends and protects lost souls.

Yuske Urameshi!

A boy once a trouble maker now protects the land of the living from the evils of the demon world.

Madara Uchiha!

The most powerful of the Uchiha clan a whole army of shinobi couldn't take him out even in death.


A twisted vampire who's only joy is killing and serving his master.
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Are you excited for the tournament? Who do you think will win? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!

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Well actually Madara is not the strongest Uchiha. The strongest Uchiha is Itachi because even the creator of Naruto said that if Itachi and Madara where to fight, Madara would easily loose to him
alucard i think would win because he is a complete badass who won't die when shot you cut up
Madara already won due to the Sharingan's hypnotic powers.
alucard no doubt
Happy Easter! And I really like Alucard, Urameshi and Guts!!! Really hard to choose so maybe... Alucard
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