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Aish...look at that eye smile!!
4) Favorite soloist Now...I don't actually know many soloist''s water's that I haven't explored as much. Sure I know there are MANY and have heard some We have all heard of Ailee or Eric Nam....but you MAY have not heard of Baek Seung Heon!! An underrated soloist and actor....actually haven't heard of him for a very long time! He has such a sweet voice (amazing rapping potential) and my baby Jaejoong has helped him with his music! He was one of the bullies in High School Love On! I fell hard for him around the last few episodes of the series where he changed for the better! I think he only has two mini albums with amazing songs. My personal favorite is Til the sun rises....I think his debut song! He has performed in music shows but, like I said I haven't heard of him for a while!
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