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I saw a post like this on kpop amino and I wanted to give it a try.... and since I still have no idea what I'm doing on kpop amino I decided to try it out here Instead... :) I used my kpop playlist on youtube...
1. Uniq- Falling in Love How I die..... Falling in love? Dang it! I knew being in love with JB would be the death of me....
2. BTS- Dope My love life? Dope?!?! Um Ha.... that's hilarious!
3. VIXX- Error Alright!!! VIXX is on my wedding playlist! :)
4. Mino (from winner)- I'm Him ..... I don't even know what to say about this one....
5. Fat Cat- Is being pretty everything? I guess that describes my week... I guess...
6. Shinee- Married to the Music Married to the music? Damn right I am! I'm so down with this being my theme song! :)
7. BTOB- You're so fly Haha... "JB you're so fly" ♡ LMAO :D
Nice results. I love how when we do these we get the weirdest results ever 😂
I'm up for the challenge!!! 😎😉