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JYP why??? I thought the JB fancam would be the death of me but then you release the Fly High Version! Like my little heart cant take all of JBs awesomeness and those close ups of JR!! Plus that heart Youngjae did! I feel so attacked right now!
How dare he start the video by himseleve looking all fine and sexy and pulling his hair back? Like pssh and that smile?? Im so done.
lol everyone be after Jackson on his birthday! Happy birthday!!
That smirk he did!! aggh he knows how to tease me. This describes my whole experience threw the video! Im Mark in the background getting bias wrecked by JB! Even the bias wrecker cant escape the awesomeness of the bias!!

watch the video at your own risk because you will feel so attacked!!!

JB and I both pray that all IGOT7s made it alive after watching this video!