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These poor children
for those who didn't check my other card about junhyeok first, the link is here: We had to go from this:
to this:
they still left a place for him too.... I can deal with this guys. I can't handle this, I just want to give all of them, especially junhyeok a big hug. I hope the netizens who criticized him are happy and proud of themselves, because reality has hit. he left ;-;
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I'm so sad he left like netizens are so rude!!! But also tbh I think junhyeok shouldn't have left in the first place even if it was or wasn't his choice. He still has many supporters and idk if I was an idol I wouldn't let rude people get to me because if I still had some fans even 1 I would still work hard for them. Still sad he's gone hope he joins again😥
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