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Otaku Memea 😂😂 PT 4 Pokémon Edition
Still don't know a way to tag everyone who asks to be tag someone pls help me haha sowwy ( / / / )
The picture below is buyable in a T-shirt, Crew neck, or a Sweatshirt in white black or gray :)
Comment Question: Favorite Pokémon game and why? Please follow clip like and commant if you would like me to keep posting otaku memes!
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Must Obey Pikachu!!! (⊙_⊙)
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These are all wonderful! To answer your comment question, I only played Red. I liked it, but I never followed the games after they started adding a bunch of new Pokemon. @DaneBeckwith That is Jolteon on the right end, there. That's one of the few that I do know! Lol.
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@AidanGiannattas I know what you mean about the tagging thing you have to type @ before someone's name like how it shows it when you reply to someone in the comments :)
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I got it now lol @ZephyrBlaze
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check out my later parts if you want I learned b then @ZephyrBlaze
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