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@EWillsea sent this to me and she allowed me to edit it and post it on here! I cried like a child. It's beautiful though. Every Breaking Wave     With every wave that crashes on the beach another piece of my heart breaks in two. Your eyes flash before me. They were dark cerulean blue. I feel your hand caress my cheek. I wish you were here to hold me. As lightning strikes at the maddening waves the spark from the bullet leaving the revolver flashes before my eyes.     Hours before you had kissed my head, pet my hair, whispered in my ear, "I'll never leave you. I'll always be right here." That night you gave me pet names, walked me down to the pier. You spoke of all the ages that you lived and the many more we would live together. We were so excited we never even heard his footsteps behind us. Our hearts were beating so fast in unison that when yours suddenly stopped I know without a doubt mine did too.     How is it that I am here, all alone? You promised me you would never leave. You promised me that you would always be by my side. Lyrics slither through my head, like the way you're blood trailed through the sand. It begins with: If you go your way, and I go mine, are we so helpless against the tide? "Yes," I reply.     It plays on in my head: Baby, every dog on the street, knows we're in love with defeat. A dry laugh comes from between my lips. It doesn't even sound like me anymore.     The lyrics continue: Are we ready to be swept off our feet and stop chasing every breaking wave?     I don't think I could ever stop chasing the wild waves, the crashing dreams I so wish I could bring back. As I run this line through my head, replaying it like I broken record, I remember that this was his favorite song.     A memory floods my view. He's standing on his coffee table. His sweats hang lightly on his hips, and I briefly think about yanking them down. He's singing the song at the top of his lungs. He sounds terrible. Acting as normal as possible I stand and stretch. Then in a flash I have his sweats at his ankles and I'm bounding behind the couch out of his reach. He's not moving, jaw dropped, staring at me in disbelief. Then he closes his mouth, and a hint of mischief gleams in his eyes. He kicks off his sweats, and raises an eyebrow at me. "Bait the shark and...." I'm screaming as I run to the kitchen. He runs after me, and grips me around the waist, his fingers tickling my ribs. Our laughter mingles together. Our breathing comes out in heaving gasps. He leans down to my ear and whispers to me.     I block the memory. It is another empty promise because I am here, alone, falling apart at every breaking wave, and he is not here, already in pieces, buried next to my heart and humanity.
Then This was amazingly beautiful. @EWillsea 🤗
I loved it. Everything you write is pretty deep. :)
@EWillsea ohhhhhhh that's what I thought was that he died.
She not writing lyrics but remember lyrics. The song they rica come from are U2's song Every Breaking Wave the song the story is actually titled after.
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