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(most of these are made in comparison, ex: talking stuffed animal vs talking stuffed animal, cool person with shitty fandom vs cool person with shitty fandom, etc)
Let's make this 1v1, no hyperion loader bots or friends to help, no demon henchmen My Thoughts: this one definitely goes to Vergil. Sure, Jack may have high-powered weapons, but Vergil is fast enough to dodge most of it, and even if he got hit, he would heal (assuming his abilities and Dante's abilities were similar)
They will both know what the fuck they are doing, so Shinichi without glasses vs white-haired kaneki My thoughts: Its most likely going to Shinichi. Even without Migi's help, he is able to predict moves before they even happen, but if Kaneki used the Centipede Kakuja, then its a tossup
No people help, just weapons, which means Monokuma gets his toys My Thoughts: Monokuma will win. if he gets his toys, then Kon will die a slow, painful, sadistic death
No Powerups, So Goku has to stay normal, and Batman wont be God Of Knowledge, and no preptime My Thoughts: Goku by a landside. Goku will be able to overcome Batman's gadgets.
No help from other people, its 1V1 My Thoughts: Old Dante by a fucking landslide. he's had 4 games to collect so many weapons and styles, he will be fucking hard to beat, New Dante has only 1 game.
Normal Modes, No other forms, No Upgrades My Thoughts: Vegeta. Genos in his normal form couldnt handle well, so as much as I love Genos, he'd get his ass kicked
Leave me suggestions on any other death battles I should do and I might make a part 2!
@shannonl5 nooooo. see batman. vs Spider-Man
GOKU VS BATMAN? Goku. Batman if he had preparation
@AshChrimson lol fair
@AshCrimson isn't he always prepared? XD except for Wonder Woman he can't do anything there