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I actually like to get to know everyone around Vingle. I'm super friendly... Seriously XD. I know this card might not belong in some categories but I want to be bend the rules just q bit to get to know my Vingle peeps who I do not get to hang with too tough in there respected community. Vingle equals Mingle to me at times because that is how I met some amazing people and I would like to continue the trend, so I can also learn things that might go down in the Kpop community or News Community. This is my ice breaker.

It does not only have to be fictional character, it could be characters from a live action show, a music group etc.

Thank you in advance L A Von York
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Dean Winchester, Revy (Black Lagoon), and Cass.
Everyone is going to have an amazing road trip!
luffy, natsu, and tsuna from hitman reborn
Mario Yoshi and piccolo
hmm kid flash from young justice cuz he is an awsome fun guy&I find him cute,dick Grayson so wally can have his best friend and star fire or bat girl so dick is busyish for if I feel like kissing wally