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Zico oppa in Google 馃槻馃槻馃槻馃槻
Omgeee i just Google Block B members and that's the pic they have for zico please tell me why is it like it
i dont get it Google doesn't know how gorgeous nd charming uri zico oppa iszz damn
omgee Google please tell me whyyy exactly yyyy you dont have any right pic of uri gorgeous zico oppa this isss himmm please they need to change that pic OMG my zico oppa is damn gorgeous please tell me why Google hasn't realized that yet
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I'm not sure, but that pic looks like YDG to me .... or somebody's mug shot, can't decide which. :-)
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@sherrysahar okay lol
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haha 馃槀
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I've noticed that before too. It made me quiet sad.
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omo! that is so bad!! 馃槻
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