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As soon as Joon-woo drops you at the airport he heads back to the penthouse. He goes over the feeds, locates what the police need and sends it off. He did insist that you have a cell phone; the two of you stopped to purchase a burner on the way. He wanders into the penthouse to check that everything is off and locked up. He shoots you off a text wondering if you want any of your items. Since he doesn’t know where you’re headed, he has no idea when you will receive his text or answer it. As he’s doing a sweep of the kitchen, he notices an envelope on the counter and walks over to investigate. Upon seeing the airline ticket in your name, he pulls out the flower card and tries to make sense between the two. He snaps a picture of the ticket and a separate one of the flower card. He puts both in his suit pocket and locks up. Do-yun walks over to Junsu with cell phone in hand, “Boss do you have time to talk to Joon-woo?” He looks up at the clock; he’s done with sound checks and has a few minutes left before hair and make-up. He waves the cell phone over, no pleasantries simply, “Tell me what’s going on. Why can’t I get a hold of her?” “Boss, there was a situation but it’s been handled. I was asked not to tell you…” “By whom? Who do you work for?” “I know. This is a difficult position for me; will you just answer some questions first? And then promise to hear me out before you fire me?” “Fire? Go.” “You sent her flowers the other day? Why?” “Because I felt bad, what does this have to do with anything?” “More than you realize. I saw the flowers, I read the text between you, I also have the florist card. What did you want written on it?” “What do you mean you’ve seen it all?” He sighs, “Fine, if it makes you answer my questions. I had them write, “Yes regrets; you, no one.” Now tell me why.” “Because that isn’t what they wrote. I’m sending you a picture.” "Isn't what they?" The phone beeps with an incoming text. He opens it and closes his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. He puts the phone back up to his ear, “She thinks I view her as a regret.” “ Yes. She asked you if you meant what you said on the card and you told her you did. After she got your flowers she texted and cancelled me picking her up. We fought, she tried to fire me. I left to go get her when Do-yun went to get you. “ He takes breath, “I’m sorry boss, I handled everything wrong. It could have all turned out so wrong.” “Why didn’t you bring her back? Why didn’t you at least make her answer the phone?” “I couldn't; because I got there after Seon-Ki." He can hear Junsu's sharp intake of breath. "By the time the police and I got there, she had him pinned on the ground with her stilettos. You would have been proud of her boss, she fought like a wild animal and she won.” Junsu’s hand is over his mouth, pain in his eyes. “We failed her. I failed her, because of one stupid word. Is she alright? Was she injured? Where is she?” “The police took her phone as evidence; he was texting her before he attacked. She hasn't received anything you've tried to send since before your show ended last night. She has some scrapes and bruises, cuts on her feet from the coffee pot she smashed over his head." He takes a breath before continuing, "I didn’t bring her back because she went into shock and we spent the night at the hospital. I’m sorry boss. I wanted to call you last night, but she'd been through so much. I wanted to respect her wishes. I found your plane ticket for her when I just did a walk through.” “Is she there with you? “I dropped her at the airport an hour ago. She wouldn’t tell me where she was going. I made her get a burner phone and we still have the tracking on her laptop. As soon as she lands and logins in we can find her.” He had put off hair and make-up while finishing the call. He was now behind schedule and has to get his mind back into celebrity mode; the show must go on. He reminds himself how the show and fans are his life, he can’t let them down; not like he has you. You walk off the plane at early evening in Japan. You weren’t told if the driver would be meeting you in the terminal or at the curb. As you arrive at baggage claim, you look around confused. You wish you spoke Japanese, but you don’t. You recognize someone from your flight and follow them over to wait for your suitcase. As you reach for your suitcase a hand reaches over yours and pulls it off effortlessly. You turn to see a familiar face, your benefactor of this trip. “So we meet again cutie,” he smiles down at you. “I’m glad you thought to call me.” He takes a hold of both hands and examines your arms, the haunted look in your eyes. “Are you ready to tell me what’s going on?” You look around at all the people in the airport. “Very well, it can wait until I return tonight. Let’s get you settled, I have a concert to be at.”
But I'm not the dullest either. Lol!
Oh darling I definitely am. Doesn't mean I'm figuring anything out. Lol! I'm not the brightest crayon in the box. Lol!
Think about it ladies. @Jinnyrod3 @faith92
What the heck?!?!
who da hell is the benefactor? lol like the blacklist
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