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The Feels War for that @kwonofakind
I don't know who this is for, but I don't see enough YoungBae on this site. Ever.
And I don't feel like sharing Daesung anymore - his nose or anything else!!
Loser MV. Him with that dog! They should always have him with a dog.
A couple of my favorite pics of him. We always talk about his bad hair :( but this time around... THUMBS UP!
This one is from the 25th when they were in Nanchang. One of my new favorites.
He has the prettiest smile.
He's definitely trying-to-be-a-wrecker...
Who else wanted to shake that girl and punch the other guy?
And I didn't even focus on the fact that he's always shirtless!
Bias Bae Bae's - @katyng52 & @sailynn
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if I survive @xroyalreisx 's DS/YB/GD attacks the next few months, I will back u up for Tabi's! 馃槀@Sailynn
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@katyng52 hehe :D
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I agree, there isn't enough Youngbae love on here. He is my second bias in BIGBANG! I very much enjoyed this FW card.
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the loser video I will not lie had almost pushed him into GDS spot but then gd was like nah your my boy and everything but you can't have her and then top was like we can share being the wrecker
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thank you for showing some love for my ub 馃挋馃挋馃挋
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