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I don't know who this is for, but I don't see enough YoungBae on this site. Ever.
And I don't feel like sharing Daesung anymore - his nose or anything else!!
Loser MV. Him with that dog! They should always have him with a dog.
A couple of my favorite pics of him. We always talk about his bad hair :( but this time around... THUMBS UP!
This one is from the 25th when they were in Nanchang. One of my new favorites.
He has the prettiest smile.
He's definitely trying-to-be-a-wrecker...
Who else wanted to shake that girl and punch the other guy?
And I didn't even focus on the fact that he's always shirtless!
Bias Bae Bae's - @katyng52 & @sailynn
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@KDSnKJH you didn't.. how did u got so many great pic of YB? u just reignited another feel war for me instead of anyone else!!! I need a moment.. and I am stealing these cards..
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I agree, there isn't enough Youngbae love on here. He is my second bias in BIGBANG! I very much enjoyed this FW card.
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@lovetop we got another tabi lover with @Sailynn :)
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@xroyalreisx Lol! I'm waiting for April! Ain't no one gunna tear me away from Kang Daesung.
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Taeyang no swiping!!!!!
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