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I miss you Grandpa 😢😢

In 2009 my grandpa died from a neck injury from a horrible fall. Honestly, I blamed myself for it because it was the night of my second grade concert and my grandma came to see it but my grandpa stayed at home. He was using a walker at the time. He went to get a glass of water and he left it at the counter. So he went back to get it but he didn't use his walker and he fell. He was on the ground for awhile and we didn't know. He was I'm the hos for awhile then got moved to a nursing home then went home and when I heard that he...*hesitates looking down* @nnatalieg
Don't blame yourself. It really was not your fault at all. I am sure your grandpa would not want you to. Enjoy your memories of him and live in such a way as to make him proud!
I lost both of my grandpas don't blame yourself it's not your fault ok
@nnatalieg *hugs you back*
@CuteBabyLay *hugs u*