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Ok so as @ShailaZaman tag team she did a KPop shuffle challenge. So I thought I would give it try.
Song that describes how I will die BTS: Dope Um ok I don't know about that but ok. Maybe I'll die thinking in cool. What am I thinking, Idk anymore.
Song that describes my love life Luhan: That Good Good Oh ok then....uhhh 😳
The song that will be played at my wedding BTS: Boy In Luv Well ok then, but I wanna know, who will I get married to?
The song that will be played at my funeral BTS: War Of Hormone Wait what...
Song that describes my week EXO: XOXO Alrighty then
My theme song GIRL'S DAY: Something Hmmm ok then, but how?
What will be played when I think about someone I love Block B: NalinA Idk what to say...