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There's something tranquil and calm about Sunday afternoons. The sky is mellow, blushing with occasional bangs of grey. The trees are polishing their wavy greens, and the smell of freshly cut lawns share a brew-like scent much like coffee. And I'm one with myself after battling with situations that were uptight. I'm a fan of Elliott Smith and one song from his last album is Let's Get Lost. It's the perfect melody of wanting to take a minute to find a place that is more calm and melancholy, and for me, Sundays are the perfect fit and sometimes the last day of the week where I can give my all and sigh, walking away with the world flooding its colors down.
I've been going back and forth between two jobs, writing down my thoughts I'll never get to until I can actually find a time to get them done, and just people in general whom I've grown unattached to. In other words, they are unsettled, and a bit scared of my presence. The problem though is that if I could show them what I'm thinking, what kind of adventures I've been going on (In my head), then it won't be so bad. But here I am in my home office looking at across my front lawn at the trees displaying their shadows all over the neighborhood, and I knew what Elliott had gone though. He wanted to forget everything else he tried to put onto people, let them know is position, but others made it die, and he pushed them away even though they said they'd help.
None of that stuff matters.
There's a different world to look at and good enough to get completely sucked into. Just stopping for just a minute of the day and admire the scenery is more beautiful and free than the hardships of life bumming you down. I would count from one and onward until I was okay from anxiety and the loud citizens who are not aware of what's around them.
But it's Sunday afternoon, I just got back from one of my jobs and have a couple of hours to rest and put this down. I've never enthusiastically liked Sundays, but the afternoons are good to bathe in the quietness of nature and the sounds around.
It's comforting. It's healing.
It's rare.
For the rest of the world, take a listen, you might find it enlightening