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[K]=spoken in Korean
“Eomma,” Junho laughs as he pulls you from her grip. She releases you only to wrap him in a hug next. She reaches up and like most mothers, pinches his cheeks. She smiles looking between you; takes both of your hands and pulls you into the kitchen, “Come, eat!”
The meal is delicious and you realize that you don’t speak Korean and his mother doesn’t speak English.
This could be a very awkward weekend. Junho leans over and whispers, “No worries, I’ll translate for you. That way I can change what secrets she tells,” he adds with a gleam in his eye.
“Well that won’t be as much fun,” you say as you roll your eyes at him. You feel like a small bug under a microscope. His mother hasn’t taken her eyes off the two of you once. Even now, she’s sitting there with a smile on her lips; a knowing look in her eye.
“Eomma, quit staring; you’re making her uncomfortable,” he rattles off in Korean. It’s your turn to watch the interaction between mother and son. It is obvious how much they love each other.
[K]“I told you she would come did I not?” She asks him with her mother knows all smile.
[K]He laughs, “Yes, eomma. And you were right, she was worth the wait.” He suddenly turns and kisses your hand. You raise an eyebrow and look between them.
“I thought you were going to interpret?”
“I will; when it’s meant for you,” he smarts back. He then ducks his head and scoots away. His mother laughs and rambles off something else.
You look pointedly at him and he chuckles, “She says she likes that you keep me in line.” You beam over at his mom.
After dinner, you all retire to the living room. You wonder if they will just turn on the TV with subtitles; holding a conversation still be uncomfortable. As you get settled on the couch, his mother brings over a large scrapbook.
[K]“Eomma! What are you doing? Not the baby pictures!” He tries to push the book off your lap. His mother puts it right back.
[K]”Conversations are not only with words. I can tell her much about you with pictures.”
You don’t need a translator for this; their actions and Junho’s embarrassment tell you everything. You eagerly open the book and start ‘ooh’ing and aww’ing’ over his adorable little Asian baby face. Every now and then you ask him for the story and he begrudgingly complies. After the last book is closed, you bid her goodnight and follow Junho back to his room.
“So am I sleeping in here?”
“And where are you sleeping?”
He comes forward and wraps himself around you, “Right next to you, where I belong.”
“But this is your parent’s house, won’t they be unhappy with that?”
“They know we’ve been living together, they aren’t under any illusions.”
“Still, it seems awkward.”
His lips start nuzzling your neck, “Awkward or not; I’m not sleeping anywhere else and neither are you.” He pulls you even closer and whispers against your mouth, “I’ll just have to make sure you stay quiet.”
Epilogue – [1 year later]
“You’re coming to the concert right?” He’s finishing up his breakfast while you’re heading out the door for the transport.
“Oh, thank you! I almost forgot my dress.” You grab it from the hall, lean over and give him a peck goodbye. He grabs you before you can escape.
You blush and lower your head. “Sorry, I’m all flustered this morning, I don’t know why.”
You drop your items and wrap your arms around his neck. After a full on kiss you lean back, “Good luck with the concert tonight. You’re going to knock ‘em dead, just like always.” You smile, pick your bags up and head for the door. He turns, watching you leave when you turn at the door, “Fighting!”
The two of you have developed a routine that if the concert is within reasonable driving distance, you attend. He doesn’t like you driving that far alone at night and he always arrives and leaves with the guys. You don’t like to interrupt or distract him, so you always arrive just before the first set. You always watch the concert from the after party room. You are typically alone unless one of the other guys has a guest. You’re fine with that; it allows for fangirling and talking to the TV when something is perfect or there’s a mistake.
The room looks a little different tonight, there are more tables; they must be expecting sponsors or big wigs from the company. Well, that would explain why he wanted you dressed up. You wander around and smell the fresh flowers on the tables. At the front table there is a name card with your name on it. You don’t see any other name cards; you pick it up out of curiosity, spinning it around. It’s heavier than regular paper, you go to examine it further and see a note on the bottom. DO NOT OPEN. You laugh and shake your head, he knows you well indeed.
As the concert progresses, you get confused. Around the middle of the show each member usually performs any single he currently has out. This time it would only be Jun.K, Junho, Taecyon, and Wooyoung; Nichkhun and Chansung had been busy making movies. You keep expecting Junho’s set but it never comes. It is now the end and you are wondering why he wasn’t allowed to sing like the other guys.
Jun.K takes over the microphone. [K]”We’ve saved Junho’s single for last. He has a surprise for all of you that we’ll let him tell you about.”
[K]”As all of you know, I’ve been in a relationship for over a year now. Tonight, I think it’s time to take it to the next step; and I wanted all of you to be a part of it.”
You are still in process of learning Korean. You didn’t catch what he said and it wasn’t subtitled for you. You caught the word ‘relationship’ and ‘year’, but while you are trying to puzzle it out you look up at the screen and gasp. Looking over next to the TV you see a flashing red light. Your eyes get even bigger as you see yourself displayed on the jumbo tron at the arena. What in the world?
Before you can move out of the camera’s range, he begins speaking to you; Korean subtitles start showing for the fans under your face.
“Jagi, can you hear me?”
You nod; the pit of your stomach has dropped out. Why would he put you on the screen at the concert? He was going to be dead tonight, you were going to kill him.
“Say yes Jagi, so I know the mic in the flowers is working.”
You arch your brow and give the flowers a disgruntled look. You hear him laughing and remember that everyone can see you pulling that face. “Yes,” you comment to him, planning out his slow and painful death in your head.
“Perfect.” He takes a breath and rambles something off, [K]”Damn, this is scarier than I thought.” You can hear the crowd laugh as well as the guys behind him. They step forward to support him and now you are really confused. Isn't he going to sing?
“Jagi… you can open the name card in front of you now.”
You look down and lift up the item of your curiosity from earlier. You find the slit and gently peel back the lip holding it together. As it unfolds, the glitter of a diamond catches your eye and paralyzes you. You quickly look back up at the screen.
“I love you, Jagi. I think I’ve waited long enough; will you marry me and be mine forever?”
Tears are pooling in your eyes; this is the last thing you ever expected, but he never fails to surprise you. You are busy wiping away the tears and taking the ring off the paper; you don’t hear someone behind you.
“Jagi?” He repeats nervously from the stage.
You look up in time to see Chansung lean over; “You’ve made her speechless bro.” He picks up the hand you’ve just slid the ring onto and shows it to the camera. “But I think this is your answer!” Junho throws his hands in the air and you hear the crowd roar. You just smile and fresh tears start all over again.
Chansung goes to give you a congratulatory hug when you both hear, “Back off bro, my woman. I get the first hug!” Chansung raises his hands and backs away from you while you laugh and blow a kiss at the camera. He walks over to shut off the camera but not before you get out,
The End.
I hope you all enjoyed it! This was a fun one to write. =] Paix!
Awwwwwww! I love how he proposed!!!!!! So sweet!
This was such an amazing fanfic can't wait read the future ones
:) thank you. considering you share my other bias Namjoon...points you to How to Choose Namtae Fan fic.
Um, wow, this was great. I just came across this and read the whole thing in one sitting! Please include me in any other fanfics, especially anything 2pm, I love them sooo much! You've got a new fan.
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