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Makes sense..

Idek about jimin and suga...
Jimin was the one who burned the paper in I Need U. He was an office worker and office workers create document. The documents Jimin created as an office worker could symbolize the moments he created with the members. When he burns the paper in I Need U, that could be him getting rid of the memories which would explain "Youth is never coming back" in the Japanese version of Run. Maybe!
BIGHIT is messing with our Hearts & with our minds, It really is a BIG HIT💕
No more theories my heart can only take so much
Hmm wow! Never thought of that. good thinking. I'm pretty sure the music producers and BTS would never think that far LOL. our brains are so complex.
well like i know that yoongis like a soilder(?) but firefighters often have dress uniforms like maybe his altered universe hes a fire cheif cuz he burned the place down
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