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Yup, this a thing and the SPN Fandom is taking the political race by storm.
According to Daily Dot Geek :
There's no candidate better-suited for president than a guy who plays an angel on television, right? It's no secret that the Supernatural fandom is one of the most resilient communities around. The undying love for the show makes this a group of fans you don't want to mess with. And now they're coming after Donald Trump in hopes of electingMisha Collins to the Oval Office. Collins heads have swarmed Trump's Instagramaccount with "#MishaForPresident" comments, clearly communicating their support for the fandom fave.
Our Fandom really takes everything to the Max, how do you think SPN has all these seasons! Because of the fandom. More from Daily Dot Geek : It looks like the fans have taken sole aim at Trump. Other candidates' Instagrams appear to be safe from the barrage of hashtags supporting theSupernatural actor. 
How does Misha feel? Check out his tweets above!
How does Trump feel... Check that out above! He has blocking SPN fans from left to right. How did this start? It appears that the Misha campaign started out on Tumblr and took off!
And that my friends is what happens when you are fandom strong..
😂😂😂Jensen for first lady!!!!! Instead of the active kids that Michelle Obama supports, it'll be Jensen's support of the consumption of pie and burgers!!!😂🍰🍔
Keep it up! #MishaforPresident
Misha for president!
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