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We all have one, even if you think you're one of those types that have figured out how to "live a life with no regrets." Ironically, my biggest regret involves one of my favorite things in the world ... Harry Potter.
To be exact, it was the 6th Harry Potter midnight premier. The first and only midnight premier I have ever gone to. I was 15, I was excited, and I was also totally avoiding the fact that my parents were both going into surgery the next morning. Let me explain. My Dad was in kidney failure and had been for awhile. It wasn't like he let on that he was sick, but I could hear him struggling all the way from my bedroom as he took to sleeping upright in his chair because laying down was to difficult. He was suppose to start dialysis, a hell he didn't want. And then The Miracle happened; my mother found out she was a near perfect match to be his kidney donor. With the ferocity that only a mother and wife could have in the wake of saving her family, my mother went though 3 months of poking and prodding in 3 weeks. And the next morning, at 6am, they would both go under.
I, unable to deal with the possibility of losing both parents (because whose brain wouldn't go there?) decided I needed to insure I sleep through it, not think about it, and totally compartmentalize my emotions. Which led me to spend $15 on the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Subsequently, I didn't get to say good luck to my parents in the morning, waking around noon my the news that both were ok. My father took to the kidney better then we could have ever prayed for.
I'm older now and coming so close to losing the two most important people in my life has changed a lot about my outlook on loss. The idea of not being there, not wishing them luck stays with me. I hate the 6th Harry Potter, and for some reason I can ever quite explain why; but now you know.
What's your biggest regret?
I think my biggest regrets are moments where I knew something was wrong and I didn't speak up
When I was in elementary I always thought of what other people thought of me and that lasted till highschool and it happened so long I kind of lost who I really was and I don't think I can get that back so yeah my regret is thinking about people's opinions
My biggest regret includes all of the friendships I made with people who did nothing but tear me down and make me the low self-esteem, self-doubting person I am today
my regret that I wish I could reverse is the naivety I had during my 30's and the men I involved myself with. all of them brought me down to the depths of everything no good I regret allowing that
@AlyssaGelet818 oh no that's awful! I'm so sorry about your brother and I can't believe your best friend kept fighting with you even after what happened !!
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