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I use to see whirlwinds in your eyes. Swirls of defiance slamming into hot headed confidence, sprinkled with a glint of humor that gave you that easy smile. You know the one, it always found a way to curl your lips upward without you even having to remind yourself to smile. You just did. I look at those eyes now and the same colors shine back. Blue mostly, expect on the days they decide to be green, you never were good at making decisions. But I don't see that glare that flashed, the one I thought would take over the world. Instead eyes trail to your midsection, a second to suck in. They close in grimace, forever worrying over the next words you want to say next. They dim slightly as you stay silent instead. People seem to look for malice these days. I am staring in the mirror at the eyes that use to swirl power. The eyes that saw the world how they wanted to see it. Who knew who they were. I stare at my eyes now and it's like watching a hurricane die.
@DJamesBreaux thanks !!!
What's this based on?!:00!
@AliyahHowell nothing really! I've always liked the people are referee to as storms or any type of weather really so I made my own!