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Foreign Flower (A BigBang Novel)

Hello and welcome to the 13th episode of Foreign Flower! Ooo, they say that 13 is an unlucky number! Let's hope everything goes well in this episode!! <3 <3 ;) Late to the party? I gotchu fam :* Really recommend to go back and read from the beginning or else the story won't make that much sense! :o > Preface (Only missed the latest few episodes, gotchu too :* ) > Chapter 10 -> Chapter 11 --> Chapter 12 Second to last episode of our journey as one! Please enjoy until your heart's content since this one is pretty long! <3 Thank you! *bows* >>Mature language and fangirling head<<
Chapter 13 With the apartment standing in dead silence, you turn on the radio, your laptop, and even the television to fill the emptiness with some type of noise. The members resumed snapchatting you regularly, updating you on their adventures in Japan, China, and Taiwan since they too had left to promote their new album, leaving you alone for a few weeks. During those weeks, you spent more time working with the current artists. Winner had warmed up and gotten comfortable with you, especially Mino. The guys from iKON got loud when you'd be around, all of them tried to make you laugh and made the atmosphere as playful as possible. 2NE1 had just arrived from their world tour but they still remembered your name and kindness even though your first meeting in the beginning was short and brief. After a few encounters, they quickly accepted you as a younger sister. Lee Hi had too become drawn to your presence whenever you were in the room, always talking to you in English to improve her own vocabulary. Nevertheless, it still felt like something was missing whenever BigBang was absent and the other artists and staff seemed to agree. Towards the end of their promotion tour, BigBang began snapchatting you about food. Seung-Ri had sent you a photo of a lunch box with the caption, “Wish I had one of my own.” TOP sent you a photo of rice rolls saying, “Taste good, but I know I'll taste better ones later.” Dae-Sung had 'accidentally' butt dialed you and left a voicemail of him and Tae-Yang talking about the first things they wanted to eat when they returned home was a homemade meal. Then there was Ji-Yong, who didn't bother with being discrete or pitch in any sort of creativity. He would send you selcas with captions saying, “Hungry.” or “Need Food.” <<I'll make them food the day they come home.>> But on the day of their arrival back to Seoul, you became entirely preoccupied with rehearsing with the back up dancers for the award show that it had slipped your mind to prepare anything for the members and with everyone prepping for the big day, it was even more difficult to get the members together for a night out. The award show had finally turned up and you were given the day off after working hard with the dancers. “Hopefully they get a bit of availability after the show, that way I can finally get them off my back,” you giggle and settle into your couch. “But for now, time to catch up on my dramas!” Just as the episode was getting good, your phone rings. You reach over to the lamp table and answer, “hello?” “Ah, hello! Sorry to disturb you on your day off but I need a huge favor,” it was BigBang's manager. <<How random>> “Sure, what's up?” “The guys are currently rehearsing at the venue for the awards show and they've been there since early this morning...” “Okay?” you drawl, trying to figure out where the conversation was heading. “I was on my way to buy the guys some food when my mother called me and told me that my wife is finally undergoing labor so there's been a change of plans.” “Omo!” you squirm, “congratulations!” “Thank you, but anyways, my favor is to ask if you could take the members something to eat. It's their first performance together as a group since so long so I want them to be fully energized and ready.” You smile, “I can do that, when are they expecting the food?” “Aishh, they didn't know I left to get them something. I'll let them know you're on your way.” “Got it. Congratulations once again!” Once the line cuts off, you begin pulling together ingredients and chopping through vegetables. “Funny how things work out,” you grin to yourself while setting a pot full of rice to cook. As you set the vegetables into place in each box, you mark each of the boxes to their rightful owners. You grab a jar of kimchi and sets of chopsticks to put in the bag then place the dishes in the sink to soak during your absence. The venue was huge and buzzing with different kinds of individuals. Some of the people shot you weird looks while others instantly recognized you by your famous title and bowed hello when you passed by. Asking for BigBang, you get directed to a grand meeting room where you enter the room without knocking, “This is the last time I'm ever cooking for you guys-” You stop dead in your tracks when you notice several different artists staring at you confused. Your eyes search for any signs of a BigBang member, <<Sh!t, wrong room! Wrong room!>> “Hey! She's here!” You hear Dae-Sung call out from the very back of the room. The crowd opens up and you see the members all waving at you to come over. You move cautiously, feeling the strong gaze of Monsta X and Astro intensely on your back. The girls from Girl's Generation smile when you walk by, but SHINee, EXO and a handful of other artists simply watch. <<Omg, omg, omg, talk about Kpop central! Keep it together girl, don't want to accidentally fangirl in front of- holy sh!t! Is that Jay Park!? Omo! Got7! Come on girl, breathe. You f*cked up already with your entrance- AHHH!! BTS IS HERE TOO!>>
Your heart is pounding through your ears by the time you make it to BigBang, disabling you from understand Ji-Yong. “W-what?” you stutter, desperately putting in the effort to get yourself together after being starstruck. “I said, we're glad to see you after so long,” Ji-Yong repeats. Seung-Ri takes your bag, “What did you bring us? Is it the boxed lunches? Finally!” TOP smacks Seung-Ri, “Yaah! That's rude you know.” He takes your bag away from him but starts looking through it with Dae-Sung helping to hold it. You giggle, “They're labeled, don't worry about it.” They set the bag on a table and open their bentos at the same time. “Whoa, you made this?” Tae-Yang smiles instantly at his monkey themed lunch box. “How long did it take you to do this?” Ji-Yong's childish smile sprawls on his face as he lifts the miniature mouse up. “Eh, not that long. I've done them before for Benji, but the Dinosaur was a new for me so it was a little tricky.” TOP looks up, “Are you trying to tell me that I'm old because I'm the one who got the dinosaur lunch box?” Your eyes widen, “No no no, of course not!” “Hyung, she referenced that one concert we did where we dressed up as animals, remember? Aishh, maybe you are getting too old if your memory isn't working well,” Dae-Sung chuckles while he looks through the bag for chopsticks. You hand him the jar of kimchi as he prepares to dig into his bear themed bento. His eyes smile at you when he accepts it. “I thought you made me a panda because you favorite me the most,” Seung-Ri pouts playfully. “I don't even want to eat it; look how cute she made it!” Tae-Yang set his bento down and took a picture. “You spoil us too much,” Ji-Yong says. You sigh, “especially after hurting my feelings, huh?” The guys stop and look up at you. You fake a hurtful expression then cover your face with your hands and pretend to cry. Dae-Sung sets his bento down and pulls you into an embrace, Seung-Ri hugs you from behind, Tae-Yang joins from the other corner until all five members have you in a tight group hug. “We like you the best!” Dae-Sung sings, jumping up and down with the other members. “This is sexual harassment,” you squeal, covering your obvious smile from revealing the enjoyment. You hear laughter rise from around the room. <<That's right, I'm in Kpop-utopia right now>> Your face turns scarlet, making the guys to laugh when they let you go. They settle on the floor and dig in, sharing and bickering like siblings. You sigh, “well, I've done my part. Imma head out.” “Ahh, you...can't...go!” Dae-Sung says with a mouthful. “We....need....chu.” Seung-Ri adds. “Listen, I'm in the middle of watching a really good drama. It took the manager a lot of convincing to pry me away from that,” you respond with a hand on your hip to emphasize your sass. “How much?” TOP asks. You freeze, “Yaah, that's not the point!” you end up giggling since you knew he'd seen through your lie. “Mmmm....” Ji-Yong holds up a finger to hold your attention as he buys himself time to finish chewing. “The choreographer needs you here,” he finally says. “The choreographer? Why?” Ji-Yong shrugs and continues eating. “Do you know where he is?” “,” Tae-Yang points through the doors. <<Aishh, that means I have to navigate through beautiful faces again>> “Alright, thanks.” They wave goodbye as you make your way through the room of idols again. This time, the room had erupted with low whispers and fingers pointing in your directions. “THAT'T OUR FOREIGN FLOWER!” Seung-Ri and Dae-Sung shout out to embarrass you, then start cheering. The rest of the members join in on the cheering after you shoot them a malicious look. <<Not helping!>> Goosebumps run down your spine that moment all eyes shift their attention to you. “I told you that was her!” “Aishh, she really is pretty!” “Did you see the music video? She was the actress!” “YG's secret weapon eh?” “She brought them food! I wanted some!”
Your ears burned hotter than concrete on a summer day by the time you made it out. In the next room, mangers from different companies had gathered around among themselves. You slip inside and instantly notice YG's choreographer chatting with 2NE1's manager. “Pardon me, a birdie told me that you need my help?” you say. “Thank goodness you're here!” the manager smiles wide. “We've got a problem and need you to help resolve it.” “Sure, what's going on?” “One of the backup dancers for CL's sub-unit is running really late due to car issues but we need to rehearse with everyone as quickly as possible to refresh their minds with the choreography,” the manager explains. “Okay, and where do I come into play?” The choreograph laughs, “You're so innocent, it's refreshing. The president told me about how big of a VIP you are since you danced to one of their songs during the photoshoot. I figured you knew 2NE1's choreography too so can you fill in for that dancer until she gets here?” Your heart flutters, “sure, what song?” “Hello Bi+ches,” they both say in unison. <<That woman power though....>> “I can do that. Until she arrives right?” “Right, she's on her way now but it'll take her a while and we need you during that time,” the choreographer says. “I'll round up the girls, and get things ready,” the manager bows and exits. CL's crew of dancers greet you when you reach the stage. You look around and note the ocean of empty seats dedicated to fans while a few seats in the front were marked with names of artists and groups. CL steps on stage and waves at you with a warming smile, “Thank you for doing this.” You bow and smile back, “Of course, anytime.” “You must be a big fan if you know the choreography by heart,” one of the dancers says. You radiate, “Huge. But I'm a big fan of many artists so knowing the choreograph is second nature.” Her crew smiles at you then get into formation. You follow along until the music begins to play. <<Oh sh!t, what did I get myself into?>> Butterflies take flight in your stomach. You exhale deeply to calm your nerves and begin moving in sync with the other dancers. <<This isn't so bad>> you think through the first chorus. You start to unwind further, feeling the music travel through your body. By the second chorus, you're deeply engrossed in the choreography that you fail to notice BigBang sitting in the front watching the performance. The breakdown takes over, you sprawl on the floor and thrust your hips upward with a huge smirk stretched on your face in pure bliss. The song ends soon after that and you finally hear BigBang's clapping. “That was great! It's like you were part of the crew since day one!” CL laughs. You cheeks tint in pink, “it's an honor to work with you on stage.” “That was so cool!” Seung-Ri shouts. “Encore!” Ji-Yong encourages. “The dancer just arrived so an encore will involve the original dancers,” the manager interjects. BigBang boos. You turn to CL and her crew, “thank you!” You bow then hop off the stage. BigBang calls you over. You hesitate for a second but almost instantly cave. <<They're BigBang, what's the worst they can do?>> “What other routines do you know?” Dae-Sung asks. "Ringa Linga," your find yourself saying without hesitation. “No way!” Tae-Yang's eyes smile. TOP leans back and hides his smirk behind his hand, “show us.” “Nah,” you blush and look away like a shy school girl. “Please?” Ji-Yong pushes. You shake your head with a broad smile. Seung-Ri sighs, “I didn't want to have to do this.” He stands up. You look at him suspiciously until he picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. “Seung-Ri! Stop! Please! What are you doing?! Put me down! Please help me! Somebody? Tabi-oppa! Ji-oppa! Anybody?!” you wiggle to get yourself loose from his arm. You lift your head to see Tae-Yang following closely behind and hear Dae-Sung snickering to TOP. Seung-Ri sets you down on the stage, “I challenge you to a re-do dance battle from that one night. Loser gets punished.” Tae-Yang throws an arm over Seung-Ri's shoulder, “We challenge you.” “Seriously? A dance battle?” you growl, realizing that the ruckus you created had attracted the attention of BTS and EXO. “Is that a forfeit?” TOP raises an eyebrow. You run a hand through your hair, “fine, challenge accepted.” Ji-Yong pulls out his phone and sets the volume on high. “Young-Bae hyung, you're going first since she said Ringa Linga.”
<<Child's play. I learned SM entertainment choreography for peeps sakes!>> Ringa Linga begins and Tae-Yang starts laying down his dance moves. You grin and also begin to mirror the routine he was doing. Ji-Yong immediately switches the song to Let's Talk About Love, and Seung-Ri jumps in to trade places with Tae-Yang. You laugh when Seung-Ri winks and smoothly transition into his rhythm. TOP gasps, “she's unstoppable.” Ji-Yong clicks on Crayon and hands Dae-Sung his phone before sliding in to take Seung-Ri's spot. “Why so serious?” you smirk and let the music take over your body with the routine. “Aishh, we need a curve ball!” Seung-Ri whines. “I got it!” Dae-Sung plays Fantastic Baby and sets the phone on the ground. All five members quickly get into position and begin to dance. “That's my jam!” you laugh and reflect their moves, even singing along with the song until it ends. “Guys, we need the stage,” one of the managers says. “Alright, but one more song. We want her to dance this one with us,” Ji-Yong smiles. “What is it?” you grin back. “Bang Bang Bang,” TOP replies. Your inner fangirl peaks through, “yasss!” The manager laughes, “we'll play it on the speakers then,” and he vanishes behind the stage. You glance over and see the BTS boys smiling like crazy. “Gimme a moment,” you say to BigBang then run to the other corner of the stage where BTS was close to. “BTS!” you sing. They all look up at you with wide eyes. “Annyeonghayseo,” you bow. “You may not know me but I sure as hell do know you, what you've done, and all the success that you've achieved. That being said, I also know about how much you idolize BigBang, so I would really really like to have you guys dance Bang Bang Bang with BigBang and I right now.” They all give you quizzed expressions. You giggle, “trust me on this!” Jimin is the first to jump up, followed by Jungkook and J-Hope. V pulls Suga to his feet as Rap Monster and Jin trail behind the first three. They get on stage faster than the time it took you to get back to BigBang. “BigBang, this is BTS, BTS, you obviously know this is BigBang,” you smile. “Hana, dul, set. Annyeonghaseyo,” BTS bows with their formal introduction. BigBang bows back. Before anything else could be said, the beat to Bang Bang Bang begins to fill the auditorium. BigBang gets into formation in the front, leaving you sandwiched between them and BTS. << Oh sh!t, oh sh!t, oh sh!t>> you fangirl inside. Everyone begins clapping their hands, then thrusting their hips. The synchronization between both groups strengthen into one team as the song progresses. You catch glimpses of everyone smiling. Both groups shout when the key changed, including yourself, making the ending incredible when everyone joined together at the end. When the song ended, both groups praised each other for doing an excellent job. Dae-Sung laughed with V and J-Hope, Tae-Yang and Seung-Ri smiled with Jimin and Jin, and Jungkook had taken up the opportunity to strike up a conversation with Ji-Yong. “Actually, we're up next to use the stage, mind if we show you some of our skills?” Rap Monster speaks up. “Sure,” Tae-Yang answers. “Which song?” you find yourself saying. Rap Monster looks around the other members who smile and nod in response, “We Are Bulletproof.” You jump up and cheer as your inner fangirl pokes completely through, “yasss!” “You're an.... A.R.M.Y?” V says in disbelief. You giggle, “I'm a lot of things actually. I have no boundaries when it comes to KPop.” “We didn't know,” Ji-Yong speaks up. You smile sweetly, “Come on, let's let them preform,” you head to the corner of the stage and sit on the the floor. BigBang follows and settles down around you. As the song begins, you see SHINee, Got7, Jay Park, and 4Minute sitting down in their marks spots. <<Yes, let's all come together and support each other!>> Rap Monster begins to sing. You close your eyes and quietly sing to yourself as your arms and upper body move to the songs. “Everywhere I go, everything I do...” Ji-Yong mutters along. “I'm impressed, they're really good,” Dae-Sung whispers. <<And they hella look up to you guys too!>> “Look at him dance,” Tae-Yang murmurs. <<If you only knew how much Jimin idolizes you!>> “They rap well too,” TOP adds in. The song finishes and everyone starts clapping. You jump to your feet and run towards the center of the stage, “See? Isn't this beautiful? I just heard BigBang compliment on how well the performance was and yet, all of that will be kept in the dark after tonight. Just a few moments ago, BigBang and BTS had a blast dancing to Bang Bang Bang without a care in the world!”
The room stayed silent but more and more artists begin to come in and settle down. “I'm saying all this because I'm not the only one that wants to see a collaboration between these two amazing groups, or between other groups! “Sure, I may be just a translator from the States but everyone in this room has played a key role in my life, making me one of the biggest fans out there. “I'm a VIP, I'm an A.R.M.Y., a SHAWOL, an ELF, a Melody, a Beauty, an Exotic, and so much more because I found beauty in the difference of your music regardless of your history and your label.” Every set of eyes are on you. You feel your heart racing against your chest in such a manner that you could hear it pulsing in your ears. “I saw Exo and SHINee in L.A. Apink and B.A.P. When they went to San Francisco. I traveled all the way to Dallas, Texas to see BTS when I missed their Californian concert, and all in between! Staying up to see trailers and comebacks get released when I should have been sleeping for 8am lectures, waiting patiently for albums and DVDs to arrive at my front door because us international fans know the pain that shipping makes us go through. “But it hurts to see such beauty faulter when it comes to one company trying to out do the other. I speak for the entire fandom when I say how much we wish we could see Jessi and CL come together to produce a song, or Aliee and Rap Monster, Xiumin and Amber, Jay Park and Dean, Tae-Yang and Jungkook, even Vixx and Beast would be hella fire! There's an endless list of great possibilities. “So if you didn't let language limit you from going to Japan, Taiwan, China, even the United States, why are you allowing your companies prevent you from collaborating with an artists from SM, YG, JYP, Cube, BigHit, and the others?” Your voice had climbed many octaves and left you shaking by the time you finished. Zion T. begins to clap, followed by Jay Park, Exo, Astro, until the whole room was clapping, including BigBang. You sit on the ground to stabilize your body from revealing how nervous you had become throughout the whole speech of ranting out to the biggest Kpop names in the world. TOP taps your shoulder, you look up and see his fox like grin. He pulls you to your feet and leans in, “Take a bow.” You bow to the audience then to the groups on stage. “Foreign Flower, Foreign Flower!” BTS starts to chant, causing other groups to join in. You smile shyly as TOP and the rest of BigBang leads you off the stage. “Who would have known,” Ji-Yong smirks. “That was so motivating!” Dae-Sung sings. They bring you to the large room you had entered first where you are seated and handed a bottle of water. “I-I didn't mean t-to rant like that,” your voice trembles. The guys laugh. “You did well, very well actually. Unexpected, but it was amazing,” Tae-Yang says. “Go home and rest, you're too starstruck to even converse,” Seung-Ri chuckles. You smile in return, “This is why BigBang will always be my #1.” You arrive home in one piece. As you insert the key to unlock the door, the door opens by itself. <<That's weird, I must have forgotten to shut it properly....>> You set the lunch boxes on the counter then wonder over to flop on the couch, “They're gonna think I'm some crazy fangirl or something. Goodbye any sense of professionalism.” you mutter and get comfortable on the sofa. You flip through the channels and find the channel that would be airing the award show that night. Your eyes begin to get heavy as the countdown progresses closer and closer to the actual kickoff. You kick off your shoes and hug the couch pillow to snuggle in comfortably. “You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen, last night was an eventful night not only for the artists, but for their companies as well.” Your eyes tear open but you cringe at the bright sunlight shining in through the window. The television screen flashed 9:17 in the morning but it was the Kpop news hostess that caught your attention. In the upper right corner of the screen, a video from the speech that took place yesterday was playing on the screen. Color drained from your face when the audio of the video filled the room. The video captured from the moment you mentioned BigBang complimenting BTS on their performance and so on until TOP stood beside you as you bowed. “What an impacting speech don't you think?” the hostess laughs with her co-hosts. “She should be more careful now that she's well known. It's a shame that something like this was caught on camera, her job could be on the line,” another host says. “But surely it'll just improve her ratings since she stated what many fans wanted,” a third host adds in. "She spoke out of context though, I doubt Papa YG even knew about this," a host comments. “We all know the power of the Netizens and the power of these companies, it can end pretty bad if they take it bad, that is if YG doesn't get to her first” the hostess laughs again. <<Someone recorded me yesterday....>> Your phone rings, making you jump from the unexpected sound. You reach over and see that it was the main phone number of YG Entertainment. “Hello?” you answer. “Good morning, miss. Um. The president is requesting your presence immediately.....” the receptionist's voice trailed off. “Okay,” your voice was light and airy. The line went dead afterwards. Your phone fell from your your hand and made a loud clashing sound with the hard wood floors. <<I didn't mean for this to happen>>
Omo! What just happened! :O Suspense! How will this affect the ending? ;) Tell me your thoughts! I love to read your comments! <3 <3 :D (Author's note: It's a lot to take in so I'm just gonna leave it at this! x3) Thank you for reading! See you all on Thursday! :* :* <3 <3 *bows*
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@Lexxcisco she better not get fired! Otherwise I will be one pissed off VIP. Papa YG might hear from me (figuratively speaking of course).
Oh goodness! If she gets fired...Oh man...Big Bang is gonna be PISSED LOL 😂
Oh no! This is so good! So exciting! I really can't wait till Thursday... Those bento boxes were cute & impressive! I just love the way you write...
Oh shit is that Jay Park *dies*
you should make a bts fan fiction next please
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Trauma Ch.12
Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Angst, Romance, Smut Story: You're just two trauma filled people trying to live normal lives... but trauma is a bitch Y/N's POV Junmyeon's hands were all over you, he moved like a man that had been starved for days, weeks even and was finally getting to eat. His lips were at your neck, his teeth nibbled into your skin. You two crashed through the front door, stripping of wet clothing as you made it to the bedroom. You stood in shower and Junmyeon turned the water on while kissing you, turning it to hot. You two collided like two armys at war. He kissed you hard, leaving love marks along your neckline. He nipped at your nipples, his fingers curled up inside of you not wasting a second of exploration. You wrapped your legs around him as he held you up in the shower. "You love me?" He said through heavy pants. "Yes." You moaned. "Tell me." "I love you....I love you." He crashed into you, sliding you down so that he could move inside of you easier. Your bodies writhed together creating a storm; he loved being able to be as rough as he could without losing his balance. Fever rose between you two, steam filled the bathroom fogging up the glass and mirror. The warmth of him inside you mixed with the warmth of the water raining down on you. You scratched at his back moaning so loud it echoed in the room. It turned him on more, it kept him moving and stirring you up from the inside until you could feel him throbbing so much he ended up exploding. Feeling him release inside you left you sighing and basking in the haziness of your climax. You two washed up and got out of the shower but Junmyeon wasn't done. Even after you had stepped out into the bedroom with a white towel wrapped around you, Junmyeon came up from behind and kissed your exposed flesh. His lips were soft and sent a tingle down your spine as he kissed your shoulders. His hand snaked around you, reaching up to grab your chin and tilt your head so he could get a better look at your neck. His tongue glided up the space up to your ear. Soft moans escaped your soft lips as Junmyeon said in your ear again, "I love you." Neither one of you could get enough of hearing it. If there was a better way to say it, if there was a way to describe it you two would've done it, expressed love in every way, shape and form. You turned to look at Junmyeon and dropped your towel on the floor. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. He moaned into your mouth and led you to the bed. His weight over took your body, he held you down and ravished your breast with his tongue and hands. He outlined every curve of your body with his tongue until he came to your heat. His thumbs pressed into your thighs while the tip of his tongue entered you, and wiggled against your walls. Your back arched and warm moans circled the room. A whirlwind of emotions swept through the room. Every lick, moan and giggle mixed with passion, desire and love. Junmyeon kissed himself up your body until he could capture your lips once again. All that mattered was you and him, your bodies corrupting each other, your fingers laced with each other, playing with together. The pads of his fingers felt smooth like silk running down the curves of your body. He was inside you again, moving with precise hip thrusts to send you in a lustful frenzy. You made love like you were at war wanting the other surrender to you. Your bodies came together in an amazing clash, a true force to reckon with; he went deeper, gaining a better angle for a more satisfying strokes. He was long and deep, he knew your body now, just what spots to hit, what buttons to press. Beads of sweat formed on his skin, his body lowered to yours, his weight over taking your body while he rode against you. His arm hooked under your leg lifting it. He moved like he no longer knew what the word gentle meant. It was all about passion and heat. He chased the rush inside you, the pressure against your walls building up feeling like a dam ready to burst. For the first time, your bodies both reached a climax so powerful it was like a cataclysmic event. Heavy pants to catch your breath filled the darkness of the room. Your fingers locked with his as he dropped down to the bed beside you. You basked in the afterglow. The feeling of being closer to him than ever before washed over you. A smile crept up on your face, this feeling of being connected to someone was almost ethereal. You rolled to your side to touch his chest, your finger drew shapes just on his upper shoulder. He turned to look at you and kissed your forehead. "I love you." He whispered. You giggled, your finger came to his bottom lip gently drawing along it like you could've traced the words from his lips. "I love you too." You two kissed in the silence, the relaxing patter of rain outside your window did nothing to coax you two to sleep. It wasn't long before you two were making out again, bodies connecting again, heat rising, sweat dripping, moans colliding in the air. Round after round until the sun was ready to rise... You took the time to visit your father two days later while he was being held in prison. He was required to take his medication now so he was calmer than he was before. He was like the father you remembered when your family was still together. He was sitting on the other side of the glass and you both picked up the phones to speak to each other. "Hello Y/N." He said. He spoke with caution, as though he didn't know if you would be kind to him or not. He looked regretful in the eyes. As you looked back at him, you felt like the father you once knew was returning. "Has your lawyer spoken to you yet?" You asked. He looked like he expected a slight coldness from you. "He said that you agreed to drop the charges if I went to court mandated therapy and continued with my medication." "Are you going to do it?" He sighed, you wanted him to agree to it. You wanted your father back, you didn't want to lose him. The truth of it all was that he attacked you and even if you hadn't provoked him he probably still would've attacked you. He may not have tried to kill you though. The look on his face told you that he didn't want to do it which annoyed you because you were giving him a chance to fix this. You were always giving him another chance, you probably shouldn't have but you did for the sake of him being your family. "Look I'd really rather not have to press charges against you for attacking and nearly killing me. Not to mention I was in a coma for three days. You don't deserve this option but I'm giving it to you." "Why are you? After everything I've done to you. How I've ruined your life, I've hurt you in more than one way so why give me the option of getting out of paying penance?" He asked. "No, you're not getting away with it. You'll have community service, you'll be paroled and you'll have to speak to a therapist. These are things that you have to do to avoid prison so you're still paying for your assault." "But it's not what you want." "How do you know what I want," you snapped at him. The guard asked you to calm yourself or he would have to escort you out. You took in a deep breath and looked back at your father. "All my life it's always been about what you want. Hell I'm getting a degree in business management because you refused to allow me to be a teacher. I had to be something far more sophisticated. You've never once asked me what I want." "Then what do you want Y/N?" "I want a life. I want normal, loving parents that care about me. I want my family back." He shook his head, "We're too broken." "Not so broken that we can't fix it. Look, you and mom are never getting back together I know that. I've never even considered that as an option when I was growing up but we have a chance right here and now to fix this. I can't do this by myself." He looked away, his guilt was painted all over is face. "Papa please." You begged. Your pleading was innocent and child like. His eyes shined with the first sign of a tear. You could see hurt in him just as much as he could see it in you. There was silence between you two for a while, you had no idea what he was going to say. It felt like time had stopped and the room had gotten colder than before. "How can you still see me as your father? After everything I've done to hurt you." "Because you're all that I've got-- Despite the abuse, you tried. You have an illness and you may not be able to cure it but you can maintain it." "Even after I've projected all my hatred of your mother towards you?" "Do you hate me papa?" You asked. The question silenced you two again but this time left you sick as you waited for the answer. You wished Junmyeon was with you but it wouldn't have changed how you felt. It might've lessened the blow though. "All I see is your mother. I don't think I'll ever be able to properly love you the way I once did." Your heart sank deeply. You felt more alone now than before. You really wished Junmyeon was there to hold your hand. All you could do was nod at your father and bite your lip to keep tears from falling. The same routine, keep your feelings in, control them so he couldn't see how much he hurt you. You looked up at him and said, "Then just take the deal Inho." "Why?" "You can get better and then you can move on. You don't want me in your life, you hate me that much then fine. Just tell me one thing, all those times you begged me to not leave, to not go away because you couldn't lose me too- did you never mean it?" "I meant it." You weren't sure you could believe him. You looked away and placed the phone back on the hook. You left the room without looking back at him. You headed to Minseok's place in need of a friend or even better... Junmyeon. Junmyeon's POV Seohyun had called Junmyeon for a meeting out at starbucks. He didn't want to go until she decided to send him some pictures from the night he got drunk. Those pictures were going to be hard to explain to Y/N; he was afraid he might lose her. He went to Minseok to ask him for advice. He was the best person to ask in order to get a good insight on Y/N. "I told you not to mess around with Seohyun. She's dangerous." Minseok said. He rubbed the back of his neck like the whole situation was stressing him out. Minseok was right though, Junmyeon knew he never should've gotten involved with Seohyun long before he showed interest in Y/N. Minseok told him that she was spoiled rotten and she had ways of getting whatever she wanted. She was a dangerous woman that knew how to use her sexuality to get what she wanted, and when it wasn't her sex appeal it was her father's money. What's more is that she was smart and conniving so she rarely ever had a trail lead back to what she had done. There was a rumor floating around Uni that she had cheated on the entrance examen but no one could prove it, not even the school board. It was possible her family connections paid those people off so they didn't even look. The whole thing was corrupt and so was she but at the time they started hooking up, Junmyeon didn't care. Sleeping with Seohyun was fun, she was wild and adventurous. He enjoyed that she turned him on, that she knew how to touch him and get him to come hard. He ended up letting himself get roped into calling her his girlfriend and then he fell in love with Y/N. To Seohyun, Y/N wasn't supposed to be competition for her. She was just a girl, Seohyun didn't think Y/N's looks compared to her own. In a way, they didn't. Y/N was a different kind of beautiful to Junmyeon. She wasn't some lustful looking vixen that looked like she could seduce the world, she was girly and gentle but she had that magical look to her because of her large doe eyes. Every time he thought about her eyes he could feel his heart skip, he could get lost in her eyes alone. That's what he hated the most about her when they were at odds, that her eyes were alluring. If she had liked him from the beginning, if she had paid attention to him instead of giving him the cold shoulder, he wasn't sure that wouldn't have led him to eventually breaking her heart. Now that he had her heart, he was determined now more than anything to make sure he didn't lose her. Junmyeon let out a harsh sigh as he ran his fingers through his hair. He stared at the pictures on his phone debating in his mind if he should show Y/N what Seohyun was trying to blackmail him with or if he should handle it on his own. He couldn't explain the pictures and he had no idea what he was supposed to do. Minseok said, "Don't go meet her." "You think she won't terrorize Y/N with these pictures? She saw us talking to each other at the cafe and she purposely mentioned we were dating to hurt Y/N. She purposely showed up at the house and staged it to look like we slept together so that Y/N would think we had-" "I believe she staged those photos as well. Think about it, there's no possible way she could've known that Y/N was going to walk in on you two together in such a compromising position. It's possible that while you were passed out she took those pictures so that she could blackmail you later." Minseok said. "I wish I knew what she wanted. It's not like she was in love with me." "No but when you broke up with her for Y/N she considered that as her losing and she doesn't like to lose. Hurting Y/N will mean she wins, which is why you shouldn't go. One way or the other, she'll find a reason to show her those pictures and she'll break her heart." "So you don't want me to show her?" Minseok smiled and shrugged, "That's up to you, however, I can handle Seohyun for you." "How's that?" Minseok tilted his head to the front door as if telling Junmyeon to follow him. They got into a cab and Minseok gave the driver Seohyun's address. He started texting someone while they were in the car. "Why are we going to her place?" He asked. "You'll see." The ride was longer than normal. Seohyun lived in a very nice neighborhood. Her family was important which explained why she was so spoiled. He could only imagine what it would be like to live with a family like hers. His grandparents were his only family left and they were gentle people that always looked out for him but they also taught him right from wrong. It seemed like Seohyun's family had paved a way for her to step on people and let her believe that as long as she didn't get caught she could own the world. She lived her life as though she were better than others and it was only those that were smart enough and strong enough that would survive and remain on top. All those weaker beings were beneath her and she had no problem stepping on them. Minseok's confidence as he led Junmyeon to Seohyun's front door made Junmyeon slightly nervous. He felt like Minseok had turned into some sort of mafia boss. While they were friends, he knew that he was doing all of this more for Y/N's sake than his own. When it came to her, Minseok got scary serious. Heechul was right, he loved her; it was pretty obvious. He was the closest thing to real family that Y/N had, it made sense why she always went to him for help. Someone came to the door only a minute or two after Minseok rang the door bell. The butler led them through the foyer to a large office and then left them alone to wait for someone to come in. Someone that Minseok said was expecting them. Minseok made himself comfortable in a chair in front of the desk and looked at Junmyeon. "Don't be surprised by anything that's said here today and more importantly don't say anything unless you're spoken to." Minseok said. Junmyeon looked at him curiously but nodded to show he understood. He had no idea what was about to happen though. He was starting to think Minseok was more dangerous than Seohyun. Several minutes passed when the office door opened up and in walked a grown man perhaps in his fifties in a dark suit with an all black tie. His hair was slicked back and there was a slight scar on the right corner of his lip. His eyes were small and dark, almost black and the creases on his face made his serious face look more grave than it needed to be. Junmyeon suddenly wondered if Minseok was in the mafia or some kind of gang just by how tense the air had gotten when he came into the room. "Mr. Kim, what is it that I can do for you?" The man said. This man must've been Seohyun's father. Junmyeon had never met him but Minseok apparently had. Junmyeon looked over at Minseok who wore a serious business like face that made Junmyeon nervous. There was no way Y/N knew about this side of Minseok. He wanted to know exactly what was going on but avoided asking any questions. "Mr. Song you know I hate using my connections to get what I want don't you?" Minseok stated. "I do, which is why I'm curious to find you here now." "It seems your daughter finds it appropriate to try and break my best friend's heart by staging photos with Junmyeon here. These photos she intends to use as blackmail which I find deeply unsettling. Especially if she's going to use them as a weapon to hurt someone I deeply care about. " "I have no sway over what my daughter does, I can assure you." "You may not control her but you can do something for me. You see, I don't like it when people hurt the ones I love and just recently she's gone through some very- traumatic experiences. If your daughter is intent on destroying her then I'll have no choice but to destroy you and I'm sure you're aware that I have the means to do so." Song swallowed, Junmyeon was impressed by how cold Minseok's voice became. He could make a man, that looked like he commanded a gang's moves like a game of chess, nervous. Minseok had never shown this side of himself before. He could only imagine what would happen to him if he hurt Y/N. Even if he didn't intend to do it, he was worried about what may happen. "I need you to get rid of those photos. Crush her phone if you have to, go through her computer drives make sure she has no way of sending those photos to my best friend. Or your company is going to experience a very difficult time." Minseok's threat was cool and collected. Song nodded with nothing else to say and Junmyeon and Minseok left the large home. Junmyeon stayed quiet until they were in an uber and headed back to their flat. "Okay, so are you going to tell me what that was back there?" He asked. Minseok chuckled, "That was influence. My father and Seohyun's father work together, that's why I warned you against hooking up with her. Song is into shady stuff and my father knows it. He uses me to collect that kind of information to make sure that the people he goes into business with are legit or if they'll be a risk factor. My dad bailed Song out of a large financial jam just by buying his company, or buying into it. They share stocks but my father has the majority so in the end all I need to do it expose Song's dirty dealings and my father will drop him from the company. No one wants to be publicly associated with a criminal after all." "Okay, so your dad is rich?" Minseok laughed, "Yeah pretty much. When me and Y/N were kids, our father's worked together until my dad started his own company. Over the years, he made moves to become even more powerful in the business world. When my parents divorced, my dad wanted to take me with him to train me but I begged him to let me stay close to Y/N. They didn't know I knew about her abuse even though I wanted to tell them. Y/n begged me not to say anything, she didn't want to be taken away from her father. I think I regret that most, perhaps I was being selfish too because I didn't want her to be taken away from me.... but me and my dad kept in touch. He was always a good guy." "Wow. So wait does Y/N know any of this?" "Nope, no one does. We keep it as secret as we possibly can so that I can do my job but live some what of a normal life near Y/N. Song will handle Seohyun but I'm serious about her Junmyeon, stay away from her." Junmyeon nodded. He was silent for a moment before he stopped and said, "If you have this kind of influence though and you're so protective of Y/N, why did you let Heechul get away with hitting her?" "I didn't. The night I found out I showed up at his place and we fought. I threatened him that if he ever put his hands on her again he'd never see the light of day. He said it was an accident, a reflex because she had slapped him first and he did regret doing it. I would've told him to stay away from her but I know Y/N. Anyone that hurts her, she erases them from her life, she learned that from her father. " "That's what I'm afraid of." Junmyeon sighed. "At least you truly love her. Heechul was only curious about her, that's why I never liked them together." "You don't think he liked her?" "He liked her but it wasn't the healthy kind of affection she needed. You already know that Y/N has that kind of gravity about her, people get pulled towards her, sometimes it's people she doesn't need in her life. Heechul being one of them. They're not compatible." "Are we?" Junmyeon felt they were but he asked Minseok because he was worried he felt the same about them. He loved Y/N, she loved him too but he wondered if that was enough. Was he capable of making her happy the way she wanted to be? He wondered what she was looking for. What was in her head? Would life lead them down two different paths? Would they end up like their mothers, being broken apart only to come back together and have an affair? "You two understand each other and that's important. You two love each other. I can't catch Y/N every time she falls, I'm just there to catch her when the fall is dangerous enough to destroy her. Now that she's finally done with her father and she's with you, I think she'll finally be happy. Truly happy and I think that's all she's ever wanted. So don't go breaking her heart." "Or you'll break my fingers?" Junmyeon smiled. Minseok laughed but Junmyeon partly wondered if that was his way of affirming what he said. Minseok was definitely scarier now that Junmyeon knew he had influence as well. Money gave anyone power, as long as they had enough of it and they were smart with it. Minseok was no moron. Junmyeon and Minseok walked into their flat together while Junmyeon went to text Y/N. That was stopped when he heard Minseok say, "Hey Y/N. What's going on?" "Nothing much. Jongin stop cheating you bastard!" She yelled. Junmyeon walked in to see her playing jump force with Jongin. She was laughing and having fun. He could only smile, he was thrilled to see her enjoying herself. After everything that had gone on recently, she deserved to be happy. He took a seat next to her and kissed her cheek. Minseok sat in the chair closest to the TV. Everyone screamed and roared as the fights when on. Y/N won the last round but in the end Jongin had bested her. She stuck her tongue out at him and Jongin laughed. Minseok asked for the controller and Y/N passed it on giving Junmyeon and Y/N a moment to enjoy each other's presence. She looked up at him, her eyes wide like she was trying to hypnotize him. He touched his nose to hers making her laugh. "How was you day today?" He asked. "A trial- but I'll live. After all I have you," she pecked his lips and looked to the guys, "and them." "Dare I say it? We're almost- family?" He joked. "Exactly. My Oppas. Minseok, Wookie, Siwon and Jongin and you... my boyfriend." He raised an eyebrow at her and grinned, "Oh I get a title too." Her smile went softer as if to say she was more serious. She gazed into his eyes softly though and said, "If you want it." Junmyeon smiled, "It would be an honor." He kissed her forehead. She wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest. Although they were both happy, he sensed something in the air around her. Like she was hurting, he wondered what she did today or who she spoke to and more importantly he hoped that their happiness would last..... Boss Squad: @royalpandajedi @Fromblue2u @Queenpandabunny @marrickej33 @BBxGD @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @liyahboon Fans: @elishafisher @JaxomB @EXOahjummafan @StefaniTre @Yugykookie97 @dalenalw KISS Squad @BabydollBre, @QueenyCrossGene, and @BTSMicDrop Lip glosses @EXOahjummafan @Starbell808 @QueenPandaBunny @divanicola05 @MelindaL @MelissaGarza
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