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I honestly don't understand the whole mainstream argument?
If an anime is good than its popular...but people won't watch good animes because it's too popular...I don't get it. ...
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but I like how passionate people are about anime!
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@Melodicballoon I accidentally stumbled into manga at a bookstore I was oh cool naruto comic books lol xD
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@CalebOrr I actually was at the school's library with my friend and there was a shelf with like a few manga and I said, "Whoa! Look at this comic book! But wait...the beginning doesn't even make sense...they're sentences don't make sense! O.o" and then my friend said, "Oh my gosh Edith! You don't know what manga is!?" And I was like "Nope" and then she taught me how to read manga and it felt so weird at first and now everytime I read something that closely related to manga I read it from right to left and then I'm like, "Wait...this isn't manga 馃槄" She's also the one that told me about anime and that what I was watching was anime XD So the first manga I read was Wedding Peach and then I read Fruit's Basket and then I couldn't stop 馃槀
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@anime2111 I'd looked before on crunchyroll to see if it was there but maybe I missed it. I'll look again.
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