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I honestly don't understand the whole mainstream argument?
If an anime is good than its popular...but people won't watch good animes because it's too popular...I don't get it. ...
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I was the kid, i watched dbz, naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon. and then one day in high school "omg all those are anime. hey guys I like anime!" and then I started exploring deeper into the world of anime until I couldn't go back lol
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See I don't really like telling people (at school) I watch 'mainstream animes' because the people out there who have never seen an anime that actually watch it think they're like an anime God. Short (kinda) story time! I was sitting in my room, my room is covered in anime posters and pictures, when an acquaintance came over with her boyfriend. Well we were talking outside and he started bragging about "I am the God of anime. Literally, I've seen every anime out there and know everything about anime. You can't beat me." I was unimpressed so we went into my room and his jaw dropped. I turned to him and said exactly this: " get on your knees and worship me." He shut up after that. What's funny is that he talked so much and yet he'd only seen the first season of Naruto and Fairy Tail at the time. I like mainstream anime though because it's really good! The stories, characters, UGH I LOVE THEM!!! I think some don't like mainstream anime because of those certain people that watch one episode of anime and think they're a god. See if they keep watching more and more animes, then it's fine and I don't care because I might have another anime buddy. But it's annoying when they ONLY WATCH ONE then talk crap. Sorry for the long rant but I feel extremely strong about this subject...
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I think it's over exposure. The mainstream anime is seen everywhere and like @cardboardart said some people make full judgments on the medium based solely on those. In my case, I feel they are very formulaic and almost the same show sometimes and have a propensity for filler just so they can keep airing the show to milk it's popularity. Mind you I don't take anything away from what these shows accomplished.
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no switch fairy tale and soul eater with bleach and dragonball z that is what i hear when someone "says" they watch anime
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i like all those animes up there and finished them exept for fairy tail and sao that has another season coming
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