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Since it is Jackson's birthday and they have a comeback! Here is the ship of Jackson and BamBam of Got7!!!! 생일 축하해!!!!!!!!
BamBam sounds like a nagging girlfriend XD
Jackson caught in a lie ㅋㅋ
... They like to.. dance >.>
and they have matching jackets with their shipname hmmmm
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Do you ship it?!

Thank you to @ChelseaJay and @JustinaNguyen for the request!!
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I also got over 300 followers this last week and we are almost to 400!!!
THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! I hope you enjoy the cards and please do comment with your OTP so I can make a card for you and give you credit!!!!
Ah, yes. The ship that got me into GOT7. ❤ Story time! Sorry, kinda long, lol. I was searching fanservice pics on Google when I first saw pics of JackBam on a forum of people discussing who may or may not be actually gay in kpop (it was interesting to read what people thought), found them adorable, looked them up on instagram, and days later finally watched Just Right, at which point I knew I was doomed because I fell in love with that video sooo hard, lol. Just ask @TerraToyaSi who had to deal with me dragging her into the fandom too because I was terrified to listen to their other songs alone in case I didn't like them as much as Just Right. She had to practically force me to try more songs, lol. I still love JackBam (probably why I was never a big Markson shipper despite finding them cute) though by now I've jumped ship over to Markgyeom. Happened months ago and I regret nothing. ⛵💞
Cute but MARKSON forever!!!
Omg bambamie you're so adorable 😍
I like it! :-)
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