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I was bored and I found this game made by @sosoaloraine23 go check this lovely person's page for the original!!!
Ravi!! You are always welcome!! This for sure will be an awesome party!!!
....Sorry his face is not familiar to me!!! But a party is never complete with snacks so I am grateful!!!
Again....not I don't know much about him.
Aish Kookie!! You brought your guitar!? The Golden Maknae is always with Bts!!!
Top!!! I told you many times to not crash other parties for alcohol!! Worse coming here like that....aish but come in someone has to keep you safe. -starts rapping- 'Yah yoh don't sound great like that!'
.....Stay in your lane Kyungsoo!!!! Lovely that you did but let's hope Jimin didn't see that!! -Jimins scream comes from a distance- Shit no run!!!
Poor girl....hear lets clean you up and find you a place to rest!
Hoya!!! You didn't save any for me kr the other guests!!!! No it doesn't matter if its your birthday!! You ate all the food....-cries in a corner-
Sassy L always leaves first....go home safe!!!
.....Astro??? Not really sure, correct me if I am wrong guys!
The birthday boy always being kind!! Also sorry for all the noise!!! 'These kids are all wild' - stands behind him the entire time-
Noo Onew.....there WAS chicken but Hoya ate it!! Come back!! 'No!! It's all gone!' -he runs away with Taemin promising him to buy him chicken-
This is why Panda is my second bias!! Lets go us maknaes must band together! Its not much..... 'Yes, we could be finished in an hour or so!' -begins cleaning-
Yeolie!!! A bed is made for you already but remember that you have to wake up early!!! -he mumbles something- Aish already asleep....
No....Youngaje help!!! - was forced in the cuddle- ahh you're heavy!!!! 'No one can know about this!' 'What about Mark? I will tell him!' 'He is not going to believe you!!' -forced to be in his arms but goes to sleep anyways-
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Lol i love it! thanks for tagging me! 😊