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Don't get flummoxed over a single thing pertaining to your wedding. Take a breath and don't over-thing the decision process. There are way too many moving parts to get caught up in the axle.
Case in point, your wedding cake. Besides planning enough cake for all your guests, you want to consider the style of cake, the tiers, the icing, the flavor profile(s), etcetera.
To help you get your creative mind thinking, I have included three stunning wedding cakes from Earth & Sugar, which is an artistic cake and dessert studio located in Palm Beach, FL.
Which of these is more to your liking and style?
Seen above is the 'almost naked' three-tier wedding cake adorned with stunning anemone and ranunulus floral blooms.
Bespoke two-tier white-on-white rolled fondant cake, adorned with delicate white blooms.
Ombre and ruffles! Going pink doesn't have to be obvious. You can see the delicate nuances of color. Mixing color and texture is a bold and dynamic way of showcasing your cake!
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