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Just an Editor-Fanfic
When a foreigner works at the BigHit Entertainment Agency bumps head with an Artist. Will she be able to keep her job? Had she fallen for him? Keep up with this new fanfic starring BTS's Suga and other members, and Rose James the editor.
Rose James You work at the BigHit Entertainment Building, you edit artist Music Videos. You never been anywhere else in the building, only the editing room. You don't take the elevator because you try to stay fit as much as possible. Your work schedule is unpredictable. Sometimes you work long/late hours, other times you finish early. You like to procrastinate, but always meets the deadline sometimes. Your freshly just finished college with a BA in Communications. Your a foreign student in South Korea. You know little of the language, but your able to get by.
Min Yoon Gi He's an Artist, His stage name is Suga and he's loveable person, impatient, focused, organized, and hardworking.
*****Hello Everyone! This would be my first ever fanfic I'm going to make. Hopefully this Fanfic could get lots of love. Thank you, Rose Vakalahi
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