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While I typically share love quotes that I think are cute, fun, inspiring and sultry, I wanted to take a minute to share this one that shows the other side of love: being wounded.
Even though I have never been in love before, and therefore, can hardly relate to having your heart crushed, I am empathetic toward those who have gone through the gut-wrenching agony of having your heart broken by the one you loved and trusted the most.
This might sound corny, but one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time is Something's Gotta Give (2003). In the movie Diane Keaton's character is on the beach with her daughter. And though the two have slept with the same man (at different times), she's exasperated that her daughter is unwilling to be actually allow herself to feel the love, the hurt, the confusion, the pain, the misery, the ecstasy, et al.
The idea is, that even though love HURTS ROYALLY, what it gives back in the other direction is beyond knowing, because it's just that rich.
I guess my point is, it's better to love deeply, truly and unfortunately have your heart broken, than to never know that kind of full-spectrum love at all.
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Love is a drama of a defeated fool.