Text Text Killer The countdown
"please tell me this isn't real" i said with a soft voice every one looked at me as i start to tear up frightened "oh sweetheart no its probably just some kids pranking" jin tried to console me "yeah its just spam" Taehyung said while muching on pizza "yeah you shouldn't worry about it i get them all the time" jimin said assuring me "thats because taehyung pranks you all the time"jhope mentioned "YAH TAEHYUNG" jimin started to puch him "THAT SCARED ME DUDE WHY" he screams "AH HYUNG WHY!!" he screams at jhope while jhope laughs The boys start to joke around and play like usual as i start to think about what i heard earlier at the store. "hey you okay?" jungkook shook me a little with a worry look. I look in his eyes with fear trying to speak about what I heard earlier but no words would come out i start to breathe heavier in short breaths leaving him more worried about me. i keep staring at him for a few more seconds not knowing what to do until i feel arms rap around me the warm embrace helped me calm down little by little "hey calm down"a deep ish horse like voice said i start to breathe in and out and chill while the voice starts to whisper in my ear.
Jungkook P.O.V "Hey calm down" Suga Hyung said to her man why didn't i do that the guys always told me " if you like her talk to her" and "you might have a chance before suga hyung" or "is it to late now to say sorry~" ....I'm not sure what V hyung meant by that or why he even said that but they all had a point i really like (Y/N) ...no i love her but i cant tell her cause i took to long "aish jungkook what were you thinking" i mentally curse my self. hes whispering in her ear now No why? why him? "sigh...calm down jungkook its just to calm her down" i thought but no ...no i want to hold her i want to tell her "its okay" but no i was to late ...now i can only watch from a close distance. hyung why must you do this to me? why couldn't you catch on? sometimes i wish you would just leave the woman i like alone and go far from me and them. End p.o.v
Suga's P.O.V I whisper in her ear to calm her down. that text what is it? is he doing this? why? i don't really know anymore but scaring my friends are not allowed in my book whi every it is i will kill him either i die or he will.
*doo doong* the sounds of the phone ring jungkook,suga and you look towards the phone. you start to check your phone messages and to your surprise its another message "hey whi is that??" you hear jungkook say before grabbing the phone you look up at him seeing his face get madder and madder than a hatter "aish these stupid kids" your hear him yell he then storms out saying "I'll be back" before you could do anything suga starts to help you sit down so you can breathe. "hey calm down its just a message" you hear him assure you you give him a short smile before drifting off to your thoughts . "who is that what is that ...i know its just a prank but something...something...seems off i get a cold vibe" you thought


"back" jungkook says putting his bags down and going near you "you okay?in gonna stay the night" he said. "your gonna what now? "you hear V say "the night yeah you know how (y/n) is like when shes scared " jungkook replied "then ill stay too " suga announced you see jungkook give suga a look of displeasure but ignore for obvious reasons "you dont have to you know know i got this" jungkook told him "yeah i know but it might help just incase something happens you never know right" he said a awkward and cold atmosphere comes up when you broke it by saying "its fine stay i need to friends around " they all look at you when rap monster said it was tome to go you walked them out saying good byes and watching them joke around to get back to there home.
??? pov "Hehehe looks like i know who to kill first ...sorry sweetie"
i hope you enjoyed what ever hell i worte and i will do better im in a rush because of my second card. which will be up later so sorry love you

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@DasiaB 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 im working on it now i jabe a burst of energy to write sp it might be up like maybe today or 3 days from now
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@LemonLassie same im awaiting like 馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺
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@KeziahWright hahah you crack me up 馃檭
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ahhhhh who is gonna be killed first!!!!!!!??!?!?!?
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