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He is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen....No one disrespects this fluff ball...No one disrespects the hope...NO ONE DISRESPECTS MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!C'MON ARMY!!!!! LETS FIGHT FOR HOBI!!!!!!LETS FIGHT FOR BANGTAN!!!!!!LETS FIGHT DEM HATERS!!!!!

He is my UB so this hurts me a lot to hear that people think he's "Ugly" but least he can make girls/boys scream and cry over him just by looking at her through a fucking screen...Sorry for cussing im just pissed off by this...

Tell me if you agree that no one should be called ugly...NO ONE!

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DAMN right!! Hobi is not fuckin UGLY!!!😠 He is fuckin HANDSOME!!! these people must be really fuckin blind cuz he is not ugly at all!! Some of these people need to shut the fuck up.😠😠 Hobi is an amazing,talented,funny, awesome and Handsome!!! I will forever always love hobi!❀ (excuse the language)
@Defy24601 Yes!!!! I agree...There was a girl at my school who claims to be a big fan of Exo but she says ew everytime I talk about Lay. AND HE"S NOT EVEN MY BIAS! So she pissed me off real quick...I just wanted Lay to come to my school, Take off his shirt, And freaking do aegyo and body rolls just to make her realize how stupid her opinion was
I will fight 'em! No one messes with our fluffy little ball of sunshine! He is so attractive, too! I understand how mad you are though. This girl at my school who claims that she likes Big Bang literally said to me, "G-Dragon is disgusting! He is seriously so ugly. Why are you attracted to him at all?" and she kept going, and it literally made me so mad that I quit talking to her for quite some time. I cannot believe that people actually can say such horrible things about anyone! No one is ugly. Not a single person on this planet is truly ugly on the outside.
I agree!!! no one should be called ugly!!! I know how you feel, I felt like that when some people were saying that Rap Mon is ugly and especially when BTS came over here to the USA and threatened him I was so upset!!!
Uhm. What. Uhm. No. Just. I. I can't comprehend how that face is ugly? My mind can't do it. Like there are unattractive people in the world, but he sure as hell is not one them. They are seriously tripping on something. His lips, smile or whatever the hell they're doing, good god. His eyes are so bright. Just it doesn't make sense. His rapping, holy mother of fuck, it is sexy like nobody's business and his singing is angelic. Dancing, well those hips don't lie. I could continue this for like an hour but I have to sleep eventually and I'd end up with carpal tunnel syndrome from typing to describe his near flawless beauty. He is the closest to flawless that I have seen. Word up: they can go fuck themselves with a cactus.
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