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@poojas Hahaha, Right! Grammar can be brutal!
@IMNII It's always exciting to progress in language learning. And yea, it's good to practice sentences while getting a hang of grammar. Grammar is always so difficult T_T
Thank you~ but I know right? I get so excited cause I don't see her often. She's super cool and nice! My mom usually goes by herself while she's already out, though. So I mostly just practice saying it to myself and the dogs and my poor unsuspecting mother 😂 I honestly thought I had the biggest American accent ever but I got told by 2 Korean people that I sound natural! *The excitement is overwhelming* lol I'm still working on how to say things correctly too but I just practice saying full sentences so I don't get tongue-tied xD. Grammar... ehhh I'm getting the hang of it lmao
@IMNII That's sooo cool! I wish I had more people to talk to and practice with in person! And great job on sounding natural! I'm still working on saying things correctly~ :)
Wooot! Yuuusss, I cannot wait to whip this one out to the lady at the dry cleaners! She's gonna be so happy I learned more! Trying to work on my accent though. She said I have a tinnnnny little bit of one but mostly I sound native. YESSSS! *Overly hype because I feel so Korean right now* Thanks again~ 😘❤❤❤❤❤