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10-Pack abs?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!
While this may be a genetic gift, because even trophy-winning athletes fight for a 4-6 visible abs, one thing I know for certain: it's not the amount of abs, so much as that whatever you do have, are showing. Does that make sense?
Don't kill yourself trying to get 6-8-10-pack abs because your body may not actually have that many abs to begin with. Instead, work to REVEAL what you do have.
Remember, it's all about 80/20. 80% is diet (what you eat and how you eat). The other 20% is actual weight training. Since I can't get into the details of diet with you, because I am not a certified or registered nutritionist, here is a killer gym-only ab circuit that you can put into practice this week, which is by Damien Patrick.

Ab Circuit:

rest 60 seconds
repeat 2-4 times
1. Cable wood chop Left. 12-15 reps per side. Stand behind post 1-2 inches. Arms fully extended. Left hand on inside Right shoulder to left pocket. Rotate hips. Squeeze at end.
2. Cable wood chop right.
3. Hanging knee raise 10 reps. Pelvis tilted slightly backwards. Up slow 123, down 123. Controlled. Minimize swinging. Knees slightly bent.
4. Decline weight crunch 10 reps. Use resistance (10 LB dumbbell). Raise shoulder blades 3-4 inches. Squeeze hold at top. Lead with chin.
5. Cable crunches 12-15 reps. Hold rope high. Head between biceps. Keep back rounded. Elbows to knees. Squeeze at end.
6. Hanging knee raise with twist 10 reps. Right knee to left elbow and left knee to right (alternate). Same mechanics as above.
7. Single hand cable crunch with twist . 10 reps. Right elbow across body to left knee. Same mechanics and cable crunch.
Those abs are unreal. Like, is that even possible!? lol
i might need to start going back to the gym!!
Alsoooooooo I really need to start getting familiar with cable machines. Seems like there's so much you can do with them. But they look so complicated haha
Haha my bad dude my bad
oh my gosh guys and gal--this card was posted not long ago and no love?!?!!? hahaha @alywoah @mchlyang @XavierLopez @UDskam @buddyesd
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