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No lie I had this dream two days ago, I was in a school with lots of students around and I kept hearing Tao singing his song T.A.O and I decided to follow it and I come to what I think was supposed to be the lunch area but it was a stage with lights and everything; Like a concert. and there was Tao singing and I was singing it but then something was telling me to turn, so I looked a little to the side and there was a building with about three balconies and on the middle one there was a group of Asian guys talking and laughing and I turned to look at them, one of them looks at me. He was skinny he had a black leather jacket with chains on them and his hair was dyed blonde with black roots showing and his hair was split in the middle; kind of like Taemin but it wasn't him his face was different and for some reason I waved hi to him really excited as if I knew him. He just looked at me as if he was trying to see if he knew me and then I came to my senses looked down all embarrassed and was all like wtf I don't know him, while I stared at the floor but what was weird is that I felt that he was trying to get to me and just before he came I woke up! I didn't see if he was close but I just felt it. Idk I still feel weird he looked like was a celebrity but I didn't know him.. But what I feel is that we were having the same dream and happen to realize it, that's why he was trying to come and talk to me but something happened and I woke up. Idk what do you guys think?? lol