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b1a4 was like the first kpop group i've liked and i fell in loove with cnu , i just wanted to wish him a happy birthday <3 :) i hope god is always with him, guiding him through good path and i hope fame and fortune doesn't go through his head , for him to always remember who he really is and that he have good kpop fans that are supporting him all the way SARANGHAE and SAENGIL CHUKHA HAMNIDA CNU <3 WE LOVE YOUUUUU :3 ^-^
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he'ss already in his 20s
..... Darn it... *sobs*
lol i'm 15 and i still want him to be mine, to be my husband , my everything :3 i don't caare , i loooove him
@tonia15 the feeling is mutual.