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Zakku: Uhhhhh Medaka-chan, you do know that I'm not completely recovered from the my my Surgery right? Medaka: Your point being? You have regenerative abilities unlike any other person in the universe, don't you? Zakku: Yea what of it?! I don't like to disobey the doctors orders! Medaka (Laughing): Alright alright You win, I'll wait till your cleared *Zakku Drops his guard and Medaka sends flying with a kick through the wall of his house and Lands outside* Zakku: I should've seen that coming, Damn that gorgeous body of yours Medaka-chan! *Zakku slips into unconsciousness as Medaka stands there laughing* Medaka: Looks like I don't know my own strength just yet! #MedakaBox #KurokamiMedaka #ZakkuXMedaka #SparringWithTheWaifus
@BlackoutZJ Thanks bro
@mjjaber First # Above☝
Anime name please ?
@AdamDean I loved when she went Berserk because I was wanting to see her fight for real that whole entire first season and when she did I literally fell for her lol
@BlackoutZJ my favorite was her normal War God Mode, mostly since Unzen was my favorite character, so their fight has a special place in my heart. I remember seeing her hair go pink and just losing it.
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