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Batman v. Superman Review Filmmaker's POV Part 1 of 2
Here's my technical review on the new movie Batman v. Superman. This is told from a filmmaker's point of view. It goes over some reasons why the film was either successful or a flop. There will be a part 2 to this review that focuses more toward a DC fanboy's perspective on the film. So look out for that. @shannonl5
This is great! As you were talking I realized I probably should have rewatched Man of Steel before I went to see this XD whoops
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Rofl. yeah I still think MoS is the stronger DC movie in the DCEU. and thank you! :)
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@SparkRIDE that makes sense. It's hard to do a movie like Batman v. Superman without a few movies of buildup coming before it I think, so I'd probably agree
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