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It's been awhile since I seen my best friend Jungkook. He's been so busy. He always asking who my bias is in BTS But I just casually always answer no one. I believe he sees through my lie. I have been crushing on him for the past six years. I met him 7 years ago when my family moved to Korea from America. He has always been a steady pillar in my life. We became instant best friends. Lately though I feel we may be drifting apart. I think I should let my hope go away that us as a couple will ever happen. His career in music is more important and his fans are too. I will always be his friend though. I think this will be the last easter basket I make him. I am going to tell him tomorrow when I deliver it that I decided to move to America and attend college instead of attending Seoul College. I looked down at the person tugging on my sleeve. "Noona," my little brother beams up at me. "Are we going to color eggs again?" I smile back down. "Yes Chris we are. What color do you want to make this egg?" He drops an egg into a cup. I chuckle. I hear a laugh coming down the hall. "Kookie, you came just like you promised!" My 8 yr old brother Chris squealed in excitement. I handed him a pair of bunny ears and went back to work drawing on the eggs with a white crayon. "Are you just going to ignore me (y/n)?" "Hello Jungkook. Take a seat grab a crayon. Let's color some eggs." He sits down. The rest of the day passes with us cracking jokes and entertaining my little brother. "Noona, I going to miss this when..." I hurry and cover up his mouth so he doesn't give away my secret. Jungkook looks at us suspiciously. "(Y/n), what was he going to say?" "Nothing he just mentioned that since you will busy touring and easter only comes once a year." I stress laugh. He looks like he doesn't believe me but he accepts it. His phone goes off. He sighs and says he has to go. He leaves out the door with the bunny ears. It was the cutest image ever. I finish his basket with homemade cookies and chocolates. I decided to dress up as a sexy bunny tomorrow to deliver his last basket ever from from me. I stick my letter inside about me leaving the day after easter. I am going to tell him in person tomorrow that I am leaving but I am going to lie about the part of when I am leaving. I get ready for bed and go to sleep.
The next day I get up and dress in my white lace dress, and white heels. I finish off my look with plain makeup routine consisting of eyeliner, mascara and some pink lip gloss. I gather Kookie's basket and head out the door. I arrive at his dorm. I knock on the door and Jhope answers. He blushes as he tells me how pretty I look. I blush and thank him. I make my way up to Kookie's room where I stop just outside the door and hear his and Jimin's conversation. "Why can't you just confess to the girl you like. Did you get (y/n)'s opinion on this matter Kookie?" "Jimin I haven't had the opportunity to talk to her. It feels like she has been pushing me away and she's keeping something from me." "Do you think (y/n) has a boyfriend because I was thinking of asking her out." "No you are not allowed she is off limits to you." Kookie's voice changed when he said those words "Oh I see how it is. OK man but fess up to the one you love before someone else gets her or she leaves." My heart broke completely in that hallway knowing he likes someone. I am making the right decision in leaving to America. I knock on the door. "Come in," Kookie answers. I open the door and I see the bunny ears lying there. I pick them up and place them on my head. "Your very own easter bunny is here to deliver your Easter Basket." I fake smile. Jimin excuses himself. Kookie's PoV I was about to punch Jimin when he asked if (y/n) is single. She is the love of my life and my hest friend. Though lately she seems to keep pushing me away more and more. I get to see so very little of her because of my career and when I can hang with her she tries to avoid me at all costs. Like yesterday if Chris hadn't asked me to color eggs with them like I usually do for the past 6 years I bet she would have just never talked to me at all yesterday. These feelings I have for her took Me a long time to understand. Realization hit Jimin. "Oh I see how it is. OK man but fess up to the one you love before someone else gets her or she leaves." We hear a knock. I tell the person to come in. My mouth dropped open and then close real fast as I watched her put the bunny ears on. She was breathtaking. Jimin excused himself. I walk over to her and grab her hand and walk back to my bed and sit down with her. At the same time we both say "I have something to tell you." we both stop and I tell her to continue first. "Umm, I don't know how to say this Jungkook. You are my best friend afterall. Well...damn I didn't think this would be so hard." I reach up and cup her cheek and turn her face to mine and smile to encourage her. She takes a deep breath. "I'm leaving back to America for the next four years." My hand falls from her cheek and my smile disappears. My heart feels like it's bering ripped from my chest. "When? Why?" I ask. "For college at the University of Florida and because my grandparents are sick and I miss them. I miss my friends Jess and Todd back there. They are both attending UF as well." With every breath and word she took and spoke I felt my heart splintering. She still didn't say when. "When are you leaving and how long have you known you would be leaving?" I ask once more "In about 3wks. I've known for the past 3 months." She hid it from me the past three months. I Turn to look at her. I cup her face in both my hands. "I will miss you more than you will know. We can still Skype and text and call right?" I stare into her eyes. She states right back. She's not answering me. My heart is so fragile in this moment. All I can think about is making her mine in this moment so she won't ever want to leave me. I slowly descend my lips to hers. I slowly move my lips against hers. I'm trying to communicate through this kiss my love that belongs only to her. I coax her lips in a small and tantalizing dance of lovers. I push her to lye down on my bed. Her knee comes up on one side and I slide my hand down her silky smooth skin as I deepen the kiss. I bite her bottom lip as she moans. I trace kisses down her face to her neck and shoulder as my hand slides up to her nether region. My hand finds it away to her lace panties. I feel the heat and wetness of her core as I continue with my lips down her shoulder to her clavicle to her breast. I take her breast inside my mouth through her dress. Her nipple hardens. I bite and suck on it as my finger moves aside her panties and finds her entrance. She moans as my finger enters her and I suck hard. I move my lips further down her body until I am at her entrance. I push her dress up and remove my finger. I rip her panties off and kiss her in her most private area. Her breathing is becoming erratic. I lick her up and down and I take her clit in my mouth as my fingers pump inside her. I feel her walls clamp hard around my fingers as I suck hard on her clit and she moans my name loudly. I look up at her once, my sexy easter bunny.i stand up to remove my clothing. Undressed as I lean down and push the dress up and over her head. I pull her up as she removes her bra. She was about to remove the bunny ears and heels when I told her to leave them on. I lean back down once again pushing her down deeper into my mattress as I open the drawer to my nightstand and pull a condom out. She takes it from me and opens it up. She reaches between us and sheaths my member and position it between us. I slowly enter her. I feel a little barrier. She is my first and I am hers. She us gifting me a most precious gift. She gasps out into pain as I push past the barrier and I take her lips with mine. I am fully inside her. I kiss her as I wait for her to adjust to my size. She lifts her waist up to encourage me to move. I break the kiss and slowly start pumping in and out of her as one hand plays with a boob. I take one leg and put it on my shoulder to adjust the angle and depth I thrust inside her. She meets me thrust for thrust. Her hands go up to her hair where she pulls it and bites her lip. I take her other leg and bring it to over my shoulder so now I am deep inside her and looking into her eyes truing to convey how much she means to me. I stare at her as I hit her spot over and over. I feel her walls tightening around me. She screams out my name. I take her lips as I release inside the condom. I pull out and walk towards the bathroom. I come back with a warm wash cloth and clean her up. I fall down next to her on the bed and cuddle with her. I hear her breathing even out to a sleep. "I love you (y/n), please don't leave me. Stay here." I kiss her temple and fall asleep.
Your PoV I wake up to a dark room and in his arms. I was glad I could give him the last piece of my soul before leaving him to his fans. I look upon his sleeping face and my heart clenches. I was never able to fully tell him how I felt safest with him. How he would light up my days even my darkest days with his smile alone. Or the goofy texts he would send complaining about the boys. Once he reads the letter I wrote him I will be one plane to America and he won't have to respond to me and let me down gently that I am just a friend to him. I hope the girl he likes will she will cherish him like I do. She supports his music and dreams and understands that his fans are first and her needs second. I get up quietly out from underneath his arms. I put my dress back on. I take off the bunny ears. I look upon his sleeping form once more. I smooth back his hair. I press a kiss to his forehead, and whisper "I love you Kookie and I hope one day you will understand I left for you to keep your dreams alive." I turn to leave as I feel him grab my wrist and mumble in his sleep. Silent tears stream down my face as I slide his hands of mine. I walk out if his room and down the hall. I collide with Jimin. He steps back and looks at me. "Your just going to leave like this (y/n)." I shake my head yes and keep walking. "Will you do me a favor Jimin?" "Yes." "Tell Kookie to confess to the girl he likes. Take care of him and make sure he reads my letter I his basket when he wakes tomorrow." He looks at me with worry. "Remember to read my letter when he wakes tomorrow." "Yes, I can do that (Y/n)." He walks me to the door. I head down to the cab I called. I go him change clothes and get my luggage. I'm on the red eye to America. My parents hug me goodbye. I go back to the cab and tell him to take me to the airport. Kookie pov I wake up and see feel around the bed for her. I sit up as I realize she is not there "She left about an hour ago. You might want. to read the letter in your basket. Though I'm sure she wasn't expecting you to wake up this early." I retrieve the basket she made off the desk and see the envelope with my name. I open. it up and read. "Hey my precious Kookie, As you are reading this I am on a plane to America right now. I took the 5 am flight out.I lied to you as you can tell by now. I didn't have 3 weeks left. I just had yesterday left. It was really hard to tell you goodbye. I have been lying to you for quite sometime actually. I am in love with you. I am leaving so I can get over you. I wish you the best and brightest future in your career. You are my bias. Your voice and smile light up my soul. The hardworking you dedicate amazes me and inspires me. Who am I to be so selfish as to want to keep you to myself. You belong to BTS and your fans. I decided to stop hurting myself with a watching you from afar anymore. You really our my savior. If it wasn't for you I don't know how I would have survived the past 7 years here in Korea. Please keep smiling, singing and dancing. I'll be watching you from this side of the ocean. Thanks for being my friend and first love. (Y/n) tears stream down my face and I started to sob. How does she think I'll be able to sing and Dance for the fans when she is taking my heart and soul with her to America. All my dreams are meaningless without her by my side. Jimin comes and reads the letter and pats my back. "It's only 3 am you could make it to the airport and stop her flight." His words halt my crying. I look up at him. "I'll go wake up the guys. Trust us we will go get your girl." 45 minutes later we are in the airport. I'm calling out her name. I find her and scoop her up in my arms squeeze her in a hug. I slide her down my body. "How...(kiss) (kiss) (kiss)...expect... (kiss) (kiss) (kiss)..without... (kiss) heart (kiss)and soul? (deep long kiss)" "What do yoh mean your heart and soul Kookie?" "(Y/n), my dreams are pointless without you by my side. You are the air I need to survive. My heart I need to pump blood to the rest of my body and everything I do in my music is because of you. I love you. You are the only girl for me. Please stay." She leans up and presses a kiss to me. I gran her as and lift her up as she wraps her legs around me and deepens the kiss.I hear the boys catcalls in the background. I smile against her lips as she says. "Let's go home Kookie!"
I have no words.. its 😍😍 @staceyholley
ahhhhhhhh this is amazing for some reason I feel like this is me in the story not only is jungkook my bias but also I live in Florida and oh my God I can just relate to the story like this feels like a dream I had that you just brought to life
Awww, it's so sweet and cute 😍😍 I loved it πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ’–πŸ’–
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