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First Japanese song by a Korean artist that I ever heard, damn this song was beautiful it brought me to tears this song proved to me that i was a cassophia at heart XD i know the lyrics and the script in the entire song lol i can say the entire song and say the lines of the girl and guy in the MV "sashiburi" "shahiburi" ...... "watashiwa kekonsuru wa"
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thnxz. Although, I think that the girl might have also loved him back because of how she looked back from the bridge. Maybe she hoped tjat he would tell her??? Idk, but it was sad...
@relinashinee yea she probably did XD ur welcome =)
Nice song with mina lee honhkis wife lol 💙
@pilarunday omg I would've never known if it weren't for your comment XD XD
Haha ok ur welcome @aneezaful and really nice video i love tvxq